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About Genscape

Brief history

Genscape Inc. is the originator of real-time power supply information to support decision making for power marketers, regulators, utilities, distributors, and other energy market participants. The company was founded in 2000 in Louisville, Kentucky and expanded to the European market in 2004. Today, Genscape is part of DMGT's (LSE: DMGT) $2.2 billion dollar portfolio of market leading companies.

Genscape's founders, Sterling Lapinski and Sean O’Leary, identified the need for reliable, comprehensive supply-side information in the energy business. Meeting that need, Genscape's information has increased the efficiency of electricity markets while reducing market risks created by the lack of transparency.

Prior to Genscape, energy markets had no means by which to obtain reliable, real-time power supply information. This created an unequal playing field. Genscape Power has democratized the power trading markets while allowing regulators to ensure that market participants play by the rules.

In December 2007 Genscape acquired Enva, the leading provider of (real-time) power market intelligence.

Proprietary data and delivery

Genscape's patented technology collects power supply information using a network of remote, wireless devices to monitor multiple points on the transmission grid. A number of the largest energy companies collaborated with Genscape to develop the company's effective information delivery network.

Information is delivered to customers both through a web-based interface designed for energy industry customers and through direct data feeds into customers' systems. These data feeds are incorporated into customers' proprietary trading and analysis systems and are used to drive various third-party software packages.


Genscape provides its information through an annual subscription service. Customers include the majority of the top 50 US and European power generating, trading and marketing companies, as well as the Department of Energy and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Parent Company

Genscape’s parent company is DMG Information, the business information division of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc.