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Crude Inventories in ARA Hit Record High
Brittney Mills, ARA Oil Storage Analyst
June 24, 2016
Crude inventories in ARA increased 3.561mn bbls to a record high of 65.635mn bbls for week ending June 17, according to Genscape, which began monitoring crude at the ARA oil storage hub in July 2013.  Total ARA crude inventories increased more than 3mn bbls for the past two weeks, rising by...
panama canal
Mark Deverill, Maritime Data Director
June 24, 2016
With the opening of the new larger locks on the Panama Canal extension, container carriers are starting to schedule larger Post-Panama ships through the canal. The first post-Panamax containership expected to officially transit through the expanded Panama Canal is COSCO’s renamed "COSCO...
Big Cajun 2: Increased Visibility into MISO South Flows & Congestion
Jessica Taylor, Power Market Analyst
June 23, 2016
Genscape recently started monitoring the coal plant, Big Cajun 2, with patented EMF technology, and added it to the Power Real-Time (Power-RT) Interface on May 13, 2016. MISO's supply stack consists of 55 percent coal, a total capacity of 44818 MW[1], and Genscape currently monitors 45 percent of...
Summer 2016: Does the Bearish Streak End?
Genscape Meteorology Team
June 14, 2016
The past three summers have featured the strongest warm anomalies along the West Coast with seasonal to below normal temperatures frequenting the Midwest and East. As El Niño influences dissipate and La Niña attempts to emerge, this bearish streak is forecast to come to an end with...
oil well
Bridget Hunsucker, Publications Director
June 06, 2016
U.S. crude producers could soon activate drilled but uncompleted wells if West Texas Intermediate prices hover in the $50/bbl to $60/bbl range, according to Genscape. There are a total of between 3,000 to 3,500 DUCs in the United States, according to Genscape. About 650 of those uncompleted wells are in...
Colin Halling, Senior Analyst, EMEA Oil
May 26, 2016
A number of incoming tanker cargoes of clean petroleum products have changed their intended destination to French ports, as product supply disruptions continue amid the ongoing industrial dispute involving oil refineries in France. At least 232,000 MT of middle distillate cargo shipments have recently...
Brandon Shores
David Li, Power Market Analyst
May 24, 2016
Genscape has recently monitored Talen Energy’s Brandon Shores using infrared technology, adding the plant to the Power Real-Time (Power RT) interface on April 22, 2016. The infrared camera takes images every five minutes displaying real-time images, and is commonly used for plants located in urban...
Bridget Hunsucker, Publications Director & Hillary Stevenson, Oil Markets & Business Development
May 23, 2016
U.S. crude inventories monitored by Genscape in Texas, Louisiana, and Cushing, OK, increased during the week ending May 13, 2016, bucking market expectations that stocks would fall following recent oil sands production disruptions. Meanwhile, Canadian crude barrels were taken from storage to compensate for...
Preparing for the Summer Sun: Rebuilding the Supply Stack in PJM
Anne Williams, Power Market Analyst
May 19, 2016
Following the numerous retirements in late spring and early summer 2015, the installed capacity in PJM suffered a serious blow as over 10 GW of capacity deactivated. However, plans for cleaner, environmentally friendly, new natural gas facilities are coming to fruition.  So far in 2016, Panda...
crude by rail
David Arno, Oil Editor & Suzanne Evans, Director, Products & Pricing Assessments Development, Oil
May 18, 2016
The Bakken crude price at Clearbrook, MN, has widely disconnected from the light sweet grade’s value near the wellhead, while shippers vie for limited available takeaway pipeline capacity. Though the tariff for Enbridge’s 210,000 bpd North Dakota pipeline system is $1.48/bbl between Beaver...