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David Arno, Oil Editor
November 24, 2015
The recent permit rejection of TransCanada’s Keystone XL crude pipeline by U.S. President Barack Obama has potential negative ramifications for Canadian crude producers and U.S. Gulf Coast refiners, but is likely a short-term boon for the crude-by-rail industry, including facility developers looking to...
TETCO Pipeline
Colette Breshears, NatGas Analyst, Erik Fabry, NatGas Analyst & Jason Lord, LNG Analyst
November 23, 2015
On November 19, 2015, during the afternoon timely cycle posting for November 20, 2015, Spectra’s Texas Eastern Transmission Company (TETCO) pipeline added several new points to their Electronic Bulletin Board. These points, particularly the new 650 MMcf/d receipt point at the Kensington gas...
gulf coast crude loadings
Eddie Goodman, Oil Transportation Analyst
November 23, 2015
The week ending November 13, 2015, a record high of 3.36mn bbls of domestic crude floated in waters along the U.S. Gulf Coast as vessels waited to unload shipments with relatively high regional port-to-port transit times, according to Genscape, which began monitoring the movements in August...
managing capacity charges
Hudson Gilmer, VP, Commercial Markets & Jefferson Rhoads, Senior Meteorologist
November 19, 2015
What if the amount you paid for air travel in a year was based on how much you traveled on the busiest four travel days of the year? You’d avoid those days and fly for free, right? This is an extreme analogy, but is essentially how capacity charges work. Capacity charges are set based on peak...
genscape vesseltracker
Robert Taylor-Branco, Sales Director, Maritime Intelligence
November 18, 2015
In addition to operating the largest and fastest growing privately owned AIS receiver network in the world, combined with the most technologically advanced satellite constellation available, Genscape Vesseltracker maintains a database of polygons (also known as geo-fences), that can represent an area such as...
power lines
Cy McGeady, Power Market Analyst
November 12, 2015
On September 25, 2015, the MISO Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) released a report entitled, “MTEP15 Economic Projects Recommendation.” A key component of this report is a recommendation for a large transmission project in Southern Indiana. The proposed 345 kV Duff – Rockport...
petrorail report
David Arno, Oil Editor
November 11, 2015
Short-term tank-car leasing rates for GP-31.8 CPC-1232 models have fallen more than $2,000/month per car to $475/month per car since early 2014 in the wake of lower crude prices and uneconomic North American crude-by-rail price arbitrage, according to Genscape. The price plummet in leasing rates has...
US Natural Gas Exports to Mexico
Rick Margolin, Senior Natural Gas Analyst
November 06, 2015
Genscape’s estimates for August 2015 exports to Mexico and flows on the NET Mexico intrastate pipeline nearly matched the EIA’s reported values released Friday, October 30, 2015. Since the end of August 2015, Genscape's natural gas analysts had been estimating total exports...
oil storage
Dylan White, Oil Storage Analyst
November 03, 2015
The Midland-Basin region of Texas, located along the Plains Basin Pipeline, is a critical juncture where Permian crude can be delivered to refineries along the Gulf Coast or to Cushing for storage. These routes are key factors in understanding the developing crude oil supply chain and its market impacts...
David Hewson, Antenna Coordinator, Genscape Vesseltracker
October 29, 2015
Genscape Vesseltracker is proud to announce that after a recent installation push in the Baltic Sea region, the number of antennas in its AIS antenna network has exceeded 2,000. This is a major milestone that reinforces Genscape Vesseltracker as the both the world’s largest privately-owned antenna...