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power lines
Megan DeWitt, ERCOT Power Market Analyst
October 06, 2015
Despite record demand, a natural gas surplus kept a lid on pricing, but ORDC pricing seemed to be a key factor for volatililty in ERCOT during Summer 2015. Impact of Weather On August 10, 2015, temperatures in Texas rose to the low-mid 100°F, with heat indices of 105-115°F, and...
hydro power
Chris Jylkka, Director, CAISO Desk & Devon Bracher, Meteorologist Demand Forecaster
October 05, 2015
For physical and financial participants in the wholesale power markets, quarterly contracts continue to show a high volume of trading. Q2 (April - June) is always one of the most liquid contracts because that is the time period of great uncertainty around future hydro supply. The typical California...
LNG Tanker
Jason Lord, LNG Analyst & Ted Michael, LNG Analyst
October 02, 2015
Intraday nominations seen on October 1, 2015 show the first deliveries to Cheniere's Sabine liquefaction facility. The Sabine Pass LNG Terminal is located along the Sabine Pass River, on the border of Texas and Louisiana. The natural gas liquefaction facilities there were developed adjacent to...
Inelfe Transmission Project
Jonathan Dale, Business Development & Product Strategy Manager, European Products
October 01, 2015
Since the first flows were detected in early June 2015, Genscape’s proprietary monitoring network has continued to track and report the flows on the France – Spain Inelfe transmission project. Small testing volumes were identified through June and July of this year, culminating in...
SPP Integrated System
Adam Jordan, Regional Director, SPP & MISO
September 30, 2015
October 1, 2015 sees the full incorporation of the Integrated System into the SPP marketplace, adding new risks and opportunities for stakeholders across the region. The Integrated System membership consists of the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), Basin Electric Power Cooperative (BEPM),...
new york harbor product storage
Dylan White, Oil Storage Analyst
September 28, 2015
New York Harbor (NYH) gasoline inventories fell approximately 1.0mn bbls to less than 17mn bbls the week ending September 18, 2015, coinciding with the transition of RBOB gasoline regulations to winter-grade standards on September 15, 2015. The NYH gasoline stock decrease reported by Genscape was...
sailing vessel
Simon Toyne, Senior Director, Maritime
September 25, 2015
Many commonly used phrases today have their origins in the maritime world, particularly from the days of sail. Their nautical connections however, have mostly long been forgotten. Log-book The earliest method to determine a vessel’s speed was to throw a large piece of wood (a log) overboard...
Power Lines in the Summer
Joshua Senechal, Meteorologist
September 17, 2015
Now that summer has come to a close (and we ardently try to forget winter is approaching), it is time to take a look back at what Summer 2015 had to offer in terms of weather and electricity demand. Examining the summer in its entirety, the June-July-August 2015 period verified as the eighth hottest on...
gulf coast oil storage
Rachel Benge, Analyst, Data Integrity
September 17, 2015
Last week, U.S. Gulf Coast oil storage reached a record-high of 69.603mn bbls, according to Genscape, which began monitoring the region in July 2014. While inventories at Corpus Christi, TX, and Houston, TX, have increased in past weeks, the regional record-high was mostly due to a jump in storage at...
gasoil storage
Brittney Mills, Oil Storage Analyst
September 15, 2015
ARA gasoil storage inventories increased 345,077 MT to 6.023mn MT last week, reaching the highest level since Genscape began monitoring the storage hub in August 2012. On September 2, 2015, the ARA terminals utilized 71.9 percent of the gasoil storage capacity there, the highest utilized capacity in...