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Frequency Events: Identifying Generator Trips with Improved Accuracy
Kyle Archer, Manager of Data Integrity
February 03, 2016
Genscape’s Frequency Event (FE) System monitors the frequency of the U.S. power grid and offers insight into the location, timing, and size (MWs) of generating unit trips and unplanned transmission line outages. The FE System provides users with real-time notification of any grid...
EIA Report Confirms Genscape Estimates for November 2015 Mexican Exports
Rick Margolin, Senior Natural Gas Analyst
February 02, 2016
Genscape's estimates of November 2015 natural gas exports to Mexico and flows on the NET Mexico pipeline were released three months ahead of the EIA’s February 1, 2016 report, and were less than one percent off from values reported.  The results were among Genscape's most accurate since...
Watts Bar 2 Becomes the Newest Nuclear Unit in the U.S. in 20 Years
Anne Williams & Parker Cox, Power Market Analysts
February 02, 2016
For the first time in over two decades, a new nuclear plant is coming online in the United States. The Watts Bar 2 nuclear unit is scheduled to come into commercial operation in early 2016 according to the plant owner, Tennessee Valley Authority (“TVA”). Located in southeastern Tennessee,...
De-risk Short Positions: Extracting Value from Over-Valued CRR Trades
Justin Rasberry, Senior Director of Nodal Analytics
January 25, 2016
With continued energization of renewable facilities along with improved transmission capabilities, the ERCOT market was not very exciting for the congestion trader in 2015. Additionally, with the recent mild temperatures and moderate load days there has been very limited volatility. As we enter...
middle east oil
Amir Bornaee, EMEA Crude Oil Analyst
January 22, 2016
Following the lifting of sanctions on Iran’s oil transactions, there are possible changes ahead. The Iranian VLCC tanker, Serena (IMO 9569645), was recently cast off from the port of Assaluyeh after being moored there for more than a year, and is expected to arrive in Uslan, South Korea, on...
Similar Gas Day Analysis
Lindsey Cohen, Power Market Analyst
January 21, 2016
Last week, several of Genscape’s market intelligence teams began releasing a winter report series offering insight into natural gas pricing. Despite the warmer conditions driven by this year’s El Niño, volatile natural gas pricing continues to drive significant swings in the prices of...
oil tanker
Colin Halling, Senior Analyst, EMEA Oil
January 20, 2016
Distillate storage utilization rates have remained high in recent weeks at around 80-85 percent at non-refinery storage facilities in Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Antwerp, according to Genscape flight data. The high storage levels have prompted some oil product traders to turn to using clean product tankers as...
Genscape Power Real-Time's Planned Installations for 2016
Laura Howlett, Installation Director & Power Market Analyst Team
January 19, 2016
During the 2016 fiscal year, Genscape plans to add between 20-25 plants to the Power Real-Time (RT) interface. The plants will be in the ERCOT, MISO, PJM, SPP, and WECC regions and in the Northeast. The monitored MWs will add 10-15 GW of newly monitored capacity which customers can see in real...
oil tanks
Ryan Saxton, Manager of Data Integrity, North American Oil
January 14, 2016
The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is looking less and less like a cartel. As tensions heat up between arch rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran, and other key producers like Venezuela face domestic pressure not to cut production, the group's growing inability to limit its supply could have...
Emily Gentry, Analyst, Oil Transportation
January 08, 2016
The historic, deadly flooding that devastated areas surrounding the Mississippi River Basin had far-reaching effects on crude transportation capacity in the U.S. Mid-continent, where pipelines have recently restarted. The closures of Enbridge’s Ozark Pipeline and Spectra Energy’s Platte...