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Oil Rig
Dylan White, Analyst, Oil Storage
September 27, 2016
The web of crude-related infrastructure in the Permian Basin continues to expand as West Texas regional production climbs to record levels. Several midstream companies are building out gathering systems which will carry crude barrels from production regions to major West Texas storage hubs, such as Midland,...
Container Ship
Genscape Maritime
September 27, 2016
In August, Hanjin Shipping Co. filed for bankruptcy protection and was banned from calling at U.S. ports. Since then, the carrier’s troubles have only continued to grow. The question remains, however, of what will happen to its fleet. Recent reports speculate that Hanjin will likely begin to sell some...
Oil Pipeline
Eric Medley, Analyst, Oil Transportation
September 26, 2016
Construction activity appeared to progress September 8 on Energy Transfer Partners' 470,000 bpd Dakota Access crude pipeline, according to Genscape aerial images. The flight was a day before federal agencies issued a joint statement stopping work on a portion of the pipeline that will originate in North...
Power Line
Genscape Meteorology Team
September 22, 2016
Summer 2016 featured above normal temperatures across much of the contiguous United States. In the East and Southwest warm anomalies were strongest, which drove strong cooling load. The majority of the key U.S. power markets experienced stronger year-over-year peak demand. According to NOAA, population-...
Oil Pipeline
Suzanne Evans, Director, Products & Pricing Assessments Development
September 20, 2016
Colonial Pipeline’s Line 1 outage has slashed gasoline rack activity in several key cities in the southeastern U.S., according to Genscape’s Supply Side data. Various media reports of unbranded racks shuttering in Colonial Pipeline-supplied cities were supported by Genscape daily rack level...
Oil Refinery
Brittney Mills and Callie Minor, Oil Storage Analysts
September 19, 2016
ARA gasoil stocks increased to a record high of 6.416mn MT the week ending September 9 after a 175,000 MT build. This marked the  highest stock level since Genscape began monitoring the area in August 2012. Storage levels are likely to continue to build in ARA with a net increase of 639,...
Oil Pipeline
Hillary Stevenson, Oil Market and Business Development Analyst
September 15, 2016
The November ICE Brent futures contract price declined following a Genscape notice released on September 7 regarding the recent restart of BP’s 1.15 million bpd Forties Pipeline System. The pipeline’s outage contributed to a price increase on September 6. The system was shut for...
cargo ship
Mark Deverill, Maritime Data Director, Vesseltracker
September 01, 2016
  After filing for financial protection and being banned from calling at U.S. ports, troubled container carrier Hanjin could be releasing berthing slots at most of the largest container ports in the U.S. and around the world. This raises the question for clients as to what happens to the cargos...
Oil Rig
Kartik Patel, Analyst, Oil and Gas
August 30, 2016
During the second quarter 2016 earnings update, the Lower 48 independents increased their CAPEX guidance for the year by $517.65 million versus Q1 2016 earnings update. The expansion in CAPEX is mostly concentrated in increasing drilling activities by rig additions in areas like Permian, SCOOP...
Power Lines
Pierre Buisson, Manager, R&D, European Products
August 30, 2016
Over the last few months, spot power prices in Western Europe have begun to bounce back from a prolonged downward trend partly resulting from a rebound in commodity prices. Brent oil spot prices have risen from 40 $/bbl at the end of March to 50 $/bbl in August. Coal ARA prices rebounded last quarter...