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Coal Burn Report

Genscape calculates coal and lignite consumption at power plants in Western Europe based on direct observations of power plant performance.  The coal burn calculation is plant-specific and takes capacity utilization rates into account.  The calculation factors to deduce consumption from burn are based on plant engineering data and official annual figures.

The coal and lignite plants monitored by Genscape represent about half of the installed coal-fired capacity in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and Poland. In addition, we cover some plants in Denmark and provide coal burn estimates for every coal unit in the Great Britain based on power production reported under the NETA scheme. The total monthly consumption at monitored plants correlates closely to monthly national consumption statistics published by the German and French governments and by the European Union Eurostats service.  This monthly data is also used in a multiple regression calculation to estimate total coal consumption for Germany, France and the Czech Republic. Total consumption in Great  Britain and Spain is published based on NETA and Red Eléctrica de España data.

Genscape licenses access to a complete historical data set of European coal data based on official figures provided by national governments and the European Union.