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Power Datafeed

Receive data in multiple formats, as real-time or delayed hourly average files

Genscape delivers data over the internet in XML, HTML, CSV or other standard formats. Genscape Power Europe subscribers receive Genscape data as real-time or delayed hourly average files for more optimization.  With the data feed options, Genscape customers have full access to the data for complete in-house analysis and use.

For example, see the real-time data on our web interface, and receive separate data files into your database. The real-time or hourly average data files cover every plant in every country that we monitor. This can be used for spotting historical maintenance trends, calculating or estimating revision times, start up and shut down times, calculating CO2 emissions and analyzing plant production schedules. Quickly compare how plants are run and optimize the fuel stack during critical moments in the market.


  • Get proprietary, third-party monitored data as well as other data sources delivered directly to your server.
  • Monitored by research analysts for additional quality control.


“We have been working with Genscape since 2009 and their power monitoring data has always been very useful.”


Italian Power Trader