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Power RT

Europe’s leading source for real-time power market data

Power RT is a web-based service with a graphical interface. It provides users with an interactive representation of real-time power generation and transmission flow estimates for facilities monitored in the key traded power markets of Europe. Production and cross border data is provided for facilities across Austria, Slovakia, Germany, France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary.

Colour coded icons on regional maps display capacity, plant output, real-time changes and variations in flow. Each plant is distinguished by fuel type and additional information is provided on plant ownership, and historical output flows. By clicking on a specific plant, detailed graphs of plant activity from several hours to the previous year are shown as well as a summary of the plants' event history regarding output changes.


  • Generation by fuel type and by country are provided in a convenient output table.  The ability to download the data is also available.
  • Various layers of data with filters to allow users to work with data easily and see what they want to see.
  • Alerts on changes in generation or transmission flows are highlighted and customizable for quick reference and a team research analysts monitor data streams for continuity and accuracy.
  • Download options are available for more personalized data manipulation

Power RT Europe


“With Genscape you get a geographic representation of power generation throughout Europe, clients like to see where the power plant is located, not just how much the power plant is generating.”


Jonathan Dale
Analyst, European Operations