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Stay Ahead of Natural Gas Markets with Our Industry Leading Analysis Based on the Highest Quality Public & Proprietary Data Sources


We provide unparalleled insight into the North American gas market. Our advantage is in the way we collect and process data and in incorporating variables others don't. We combine the largest collection of North American pipeline data with patented surveillance of key plants, terminals and facilities. Our intel offers the industry standard in natural gas data including supply and demand forecasts, storage estimates, and constraint analysis. Our team of seasoned analysts use a consultative approach to provide analysis of macro market trends down to individual flow meters to inform forecasting and trading strategies.

natgas supply

Whether you're interested in right-now, tomorrow, next year, or five years from now, our award-winning forecast solutions give you the most accurate real-time and forward-looking view of gas production available in the market. We complement publicly sourced data with our direct observations on infrastructure projects to create a unique, complete view of natural gas production.  

natural gas storage

As the industry's only provider of intrastate storage data, we provide a crucial piece of the supply and demand puzzle. This advantage offers improvements to your storage models and balances. We monitor intrastate storage using patented technology and derive inventories from looking at injection and withdraw volumes. Our methodology is proven and consistently match weekly EIA storage numbers.

natgas demand

We look at every aspect of natural gas fundamentals from imports, exports, and demand to pipeline flows and infrastructure developments. Our view of demand extends beyond U.S. borders, capturing both exports to Mexico and the production and shipments of LNG. By incorporating generation data from our Power market analysis, we enhance our analytics to get a more accurate picture of demand. 

Natural Gas Products


Our tools were built by traders, for traders. Our portfolio of natural gas products helps traders, consultants and analysts make faster, better, more strategic decisions by providing a full picture of the natural gas landscape, before any public source. Customize our products to create alerts and watch lists when unusual natural gas market patterns and events appear. 

Supply and demand drives prices and impacts business decisions in real-time. Get a true view of natural gas supply balances, storage facilities, and pipeline movement, offering transparency into an unpredictable market.

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With the right information, the natural gas market presents a world of opportunity. Our midstream offerings provides a complete solution for understanding market dynamics, gathering competitive intelligence, and uncovering profitable business opportunities and strategies. Rather than simply looking at publicly available data, we go the extra mile by conducting the necessary research to understand pricing trends, develop a forward supply and demand view, and capture pipeline capacity in real-time.   

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If you're looking to verify operator reporting, our pipeline notice and maintenance alerts, and supply and demand reports tell you exactly what's going on, at both the macro and micro level. As a physical asset owner, stay on top of facility operations and efficiency, infrastructure projects and pipeline flows. Manage your assets in a cost effective manner.

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Industry Experts

Our experts work directly with clients to address their business challenges across a wide range of areas.

Colette Breshears

Colette Breshears

Product Manager, Natural Gas
Eric Fell

Eric Fell

Senior Natural Gas Analyst
Cory Madden

Cory Madden

Director of Research, Natural Gas


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