Stay Ahead of the Oil Market with Our Real-Time, Proprietary Data, Collected by Patented Monitoring Technology


We cover the global oil supply chain, tracking barrels from production through transportation, storage, refining, and wholesale distribution. When it comes to providing real-time fundamental data for North American oil markets, we are first. We invent and patent technology to physically measure and observe hydrocarbon movements, providing market intelligence no one else can.


We've got an eye in the sky on every major storage terminal in North America and Europe, equating to 800+ million barrels of crude and refined product storage. We have the most complete, reliable coverage available gathered through unbiased observation and direct measurement. With us, you're also first. We provide data in advance of any government or official public reporting. 




Understanding the transportation landscape is critical for a full picture of the oil market environment. Whether by pipeline, rail, or ship, we know where, when, and how much oil is moving, completing the supply chain puzzle. 

Refinery Operations

Refinery outages send fast-moving ripples through the crude and refined product markets. We alert you to planned and unplanned outages in real-time, equipping you to confidently put on trades ahead of others. 

Fundamental Analysis And Forecasting

We complement our detailed analysis and reports with market overviews for a full picture of the oil industry. In a quick, easily-digestible synopsis, get insight into the most important factors influencing oil supply and demand including snapshots of storage, transportation, and refining.

Use our forecasting tools to get a lens into the future. Our gold-standard data feeds into numerous models addressing key supply chain data points. These forecasts offer predictability on their own, or as an invaluable component to your existing models.

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The oil market moves by the minute, susceptible to every shift in production, import and export activity, facility operations, storage builds or draws, and political nuances. Our data distills these dynamic oil market changes into actionable information, relevant to your specific trading need, so you can make quick decisions and understand potential risks and opportunities.

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Crude oil and refined products are in constant motion across the globe. Whether you're tracking these movements by pipeline, rail, or ship, we pinpoint the exact location and volume of oil and where it's going. We offer truly objective information in real time with a view of every key oil mode of transportation impacting the market. 

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Our timely, accurate analytics provide E&P companies with oil market transparency from forecast to production data. This insight helps you cut costs, attain operational efficiencies, and make better investment decisions.


Industry Experts

Our experts work directly with clients to address their business challenges across a wide range of areas.

Mike Walls

Mike Walls

Senior Crude Oil Analyst
Hillary Stevenson

Hillary Stevenson

Director, Oil Market and Business Development
Ryan Saxton

Ryan Saxton

Oil Transportation Manager