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NatGas Basis Reports

Now you can access Natural Gas supply, demand, storage, and congestion data across North America daily.

Genscape’s new NatGas Basis Reports profile 16 distinct regions across the US & Canada. Built by active traders, we give you analysis that is time-tested and proven to correlate with basis point differentials. When you buy our Basis Reports, you also buy the analyst behind the reports. Get daily commentaries and direct access to our lead analysts to better inform your trading strategies.


  • 16 distinct regions are mapped and tracked to deliver advance notice of price movements; all report and historical data is available at no charge.
  • Over 5 years in development, the precise definition of import/exports points – or “seams” – have been established to correlate well with basis point differentials.
  • By measuring constraints and flows, our Basis Reports predict where congestion meets demand – highlighting fundamental changes likely to impact the forward curve.
  • Exceptional customer service: if you want Genscape to monitor something specific – a compressor station, interconnect, or basin region – we’ll get the data and present it graphically.


  • Quickly access total supply, demand, storage, or congestion nationally or by region.
  • Get direct access – email, instant message, phone – to the experienced traders and analysts who create these reports.
  • Get daily commentary and major event alerts delivered to your inbox each morning before 8am CST.
  • Built by former active traders in large shops, we give you a model that we know works.

South East Midatlantic NatGas Genscape Coverage

Meet the Analyst

WEI CHIEN: Natural Gas Analyst

Wei Chien

Wei Chien came to Genscape in 2013 with over 5 years of natural gas experience with firms like LCM Commodities and Barclays Capital.  Wei has done extensive work developing EIA weekly storage forecasting methodologies and supply and demand modeling.  While at Barclays, Wei focused on simulating storage scenarios based on demand history, weather, and economic factors.  Her work around coal and gas generation helped to identify the changing natural gas landscape for her group.  Prior to her analytic work, Wei developed risk models and a proprietary SQL platform to utilize pipeline flow data.  Ms. Chien graduated from Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art with a B.S. in Engineering.