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NatGas RT

Real Time Natural Gas Data

Natural Gas markets change throughout the day.  Your data should too.  NatGasRT is the market's only real-time source for North American natural gas nomination data.

We deliver the most complete public data that you will find in the market:

  • Up-to-the-minute informational postings for 200 natural gas pipelines
  • 900+ pipeline updates per day cover up to 48 cycles
  • 20,000+ locations identified by facility type, meter, DRN
  • 4 years of historical scheduled, operational, available, and design capacity
  • Estimated throughput at critical congestion points
  • Pipeline summarized daily deliveries
  • Weather radar maps and forecasts

Our state of the art interface lets you:

  • Get the earliest view of tomorrow’s gas day
  • Rapidly access what events are driving the market
  • Customize alerts, create watch lists, and perform more granular searches
  • Access links to all pipeline EBB websites
  • Obtain historical data for charting and export to MS Excel
  • Get automatic detection and alerting when unusual natgas market patterns appear

Register now to take advantage of this natgas data service.  For a more robust analytical solution, check out our new product: NatGas Analyst. If you’re a natgas analyst, you’ll be amazing at the comprehensive data and ability to run lightning fast complex queries.