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Power IQ

 Predictions and Insights that Move Power Markets

 Genscape’s PowerIQ products are essential tools for traders, analyst, and risk managers active in real-time markets, next day markets, and balance of month and next month markets.  The information, commentary, and price forecasts from the PowerIQ services are most often used to:

  • Identify new trading opportunities in financial swap, virtual markets, and congestion driven trading
  • Optimize physical assets
  • Understand the risks inherent in different trading strategies
  • Provide inputs to internal models

Those without access to this information and analysis risk finding themselves at a competitive disadvantage to others in the marketplace.

The PowerIQ products feature:

  • Demand and wind forecasts produced by proprietary neural network models and Genscape’s meteorological team
  • Regional hub power price predictions based on a power simulation model that has been built in-house and is updated every day and throughout the day based on more than 55,000 pieces of information that Genscape collects and analyzes daily
  • Rigorous analysis of congestion risks for multiple hubs and zones
  • Reports on market fundamentals, trading opportunities, and risks that are updated throughout the day, with the most important market moving information also delivered via IM
  • Daily briefing calls with Genscape analysts where they discuss their market views and potential trading opportunities
  • Customized scenario analysis
  • Access to Genscape wealth of historic data on prices, demand, generation, and line outages via a proprietary visualization tool called PowerConsole


Balance of Day/ Next Day and Weekly   Balance of Day/ Next Day and Weekly Balance of Day/ Next Day   Balance of Day/ Next Day

  Balance of Day/ Next Day Balance of Day/ Next Day   Next Day out to 365 Days  




“PowerIQ is the industry leader in demand, price and congestion forecasting. The reports daily market analysis and predictions put Genscape customers ahead of the competition.”


Regional Director, PJM


“Every day, many different forces influence the market.  With our analyses and insight, we help our clients get a better handle of important factors such as demand, weather, generation, fuel prices, and congestion so that they can make well-informed and fundamentally-sound decisions.”


Analyst I - MISO