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Power RT

Delivering Real-Time Power Plant Status
Genscape Power RT is an essential tool for power traders, delivering real-time status of generation throughout the U.S. Using Genscape’s network of patented monitors, clients get a real-time view on the status of the grid and instantaneous notification of generation outages or changes.
  • Real-time power flow data for individual facilities and transmission points
  • Click-through plant detail on history, operations data, ownership, etc.
  • Reports by region, plant, fuel type and owner
  • Production Event Alert facility via interface and custom e-mail alerts by plant with user-defined thresholds
  • Hear an audio alert indicating an event has happened
  • Overnight update emails summarizing significant output changes and outages
Web Based
The Power RT interface is an intuitive web-based interactive map representing estimated, real-time power production and transmission flows for facilities monitored in the continental U.S. in the main power trading markets. Color-coded icons representing plant locations and fuel type display capacity and current plant output as well as real-time changes and variations in flow.
Genscape offers free trials of its power market services. Request a free trial today to find out how you can see a clear market advantage when you have real-time data. 

“We are out on the cutting edge with our monitoring technology and site installations – we are proud of the network we have built.”


Kenny Stewart
Director, Field Services