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Infrared Power Plant Add On

Increase your understanding of power generation in urban and congested areas with Genscape's infrared monitoring network. 
Subscribers can now see real-time images and power plant data provided by Genscape's infrared power plant monitoring network. Focusing on urban areas where Genscape's traditional technology is not able to monitor plants, this new and exciting technology provides customers with power plant data in those previously unmonitored markets. This information further enhances Genscape's unmatched network of real-time power supply information, as it adds many highly desired sites.
  • See real-time plant data and pictures for plants in the East, ERCOT, and West regions, including plants in New York City, San Antonio, and Los Angeles.
  • See Stack Status Report showing stack level megawatts over the last 7 days.
  • See Plant Details Page with live pictures and graphs updating every 5 minutes.
  • See the 24-hour infrared image playback.
How does it work?
Images are captured using standard infrared cameras, allowing detection of heat signatures 24 hours a day. The images are taken every 5 minutes and are transmitted using cellular modem technology.
Using cutting-edge image processing technology and algorithms, the picture is translated to numbers. Custom-developed algorithms translate the numbers into a megawatt value. Algorithms attempt to detect picture noise such as the clouds, rain, and apply customized noise reduction for different situations.
Genscape offers free trials of all its power market services. Learn more and register for a free trial to see how real-time energy data can impact your business. 

“The InfraRed (IR) technology enables us to monitor many high-value plants in in urban or congested areas where our traditional monitors are not an option.  IR coverage gives clients visibility on these market-moving facilities, and even allows them to see which units within the plant are operating.”


Senior VP, Power