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Power RT Datafeed

Genscape offers customers of Power RT two powerful datafeed options to incorporate real-time plant generation information into internal databases and analysis tools.
On-Demand Datafeed 
This option is designed for customers who need access to historical data for analysis but are not using the data in systems for real-time trading.
Implementation is straightforward, with customers accessing a secure URL to download data in CSV, XML, or other standard formats. Download frequency is customer-determined and can be as frequent as once per minute. Each download provides the latest value for each plant and STP to which the customer subscribes, including IR plants and alerts (if applicable).
Real-Time Datafeed 
This premium option is designed for customers who are using real-time generation data in their trading and analysis systems, and who demand a higher level of data integrity.
Implementation requires a dedicated messaging connection, powered by Tibco. Customers receive every update from every Genscape monitor/source in real-time, which can amount to 70,000+ messages per day. Message delivery is monitored and alerts are generated in the event of non-delivery.
Genscape offers free trials of all its power market services. Learn more and register for a free trial to see how real-time energy data can impact your business.