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Transmission RT Datafeed

Real-time transmission flows for over 2000 EHV transmission lines fed directly into your systems. 
Congestion costs are a significant driver of volatility in energy markets, with total congestion costs exceeding $2B in recent years. Market participants from utilities to generation owners to FTR traders can better manage congestion opportunities and risks with the added visibility Genscape’s Transmission Datafeed service provides.
The service provides subscribers the ability to incorporate real-time transmission line information into internal databases and analysis tools, giving unprecedented visibility into real-time power flows and congestion risks.
The National coverage includes more than 1,250 transmission lines throughout the United States that commonly congest and impact major pricing hubs. The service also is available in regional coverage options including:
PJM & MISO: This data, combined with published interface data from PJM, provides traders with visibility on 13 of PJM's 25 costliest constraints in 2010.
MISO coverage includes a recently added group of lines that carry wind power from MISO through ComEd. These include Burnham-Munster, Shahfer-St. John and Nelson-Electric Junction.
WECC: With the advent of convergence bidding in CAISO, market participants can use this data to inform their virtual trading decisions. Also, data for Path 26 lines allows users to see and anticipate congestion on a more granular and realistic level than publicly available data.
ERCOT: With the conversion to a nodal market structure in November 2010, ERCOT participants will benefit from greater visibility on line-level flows and associated congestion risks. Our coverage in ERCOT includes line data surrounding major wind, gas and coal generation.
NPCC: In NY, we monitor key lines such as those radiating from Athens including Leeds to Pleasant Valley and Leeds to Hurley Ave which drive spreads between zones G and F when they congest.


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