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Posted April 09, 2015
Genscape supply analysts launch complimentary market impact report on emerging trend to use incomplete wells for storage
Posted March 25, 2015
With continued incentive to store crude, and Cushing at historic levels, traders look to Gulf Coast; Genscape provides weekly look into factors driving this critical area
Posted March 11, 2015
Industry experts to explore impacts of dramatic oil-directed rig count decline & global oversupply on natural gas liquids production & prices in live webinar
Posted March 02, 2015
New report provides insight into the movement of the marginal barrel of oil with Jones Act vessel loadings & waterborne crude imports
Posted February 23, 2015
Mannheim Unit 9 confirmed as operational ahead of May 2015 commissioning date.
Posted February 17, 2015
Launches public on-demand recording detailing macroeconomic analysis & granular Cushing storage trends, expert panel discussion
Posted February 06, 2015
Producers prepare for more volatility in face of weakened global commodity prices
Posted February 03, 2015
According to exclusive satellite & aerial imagery, Genscape reports one remaining interconnection under construction.
Posted January 30, 2015
Industry experts from Genscape, RBN Energy, and EMI delve into Cushing trends and market impacts in live panel discussion on Feb 11
Posted December 18, 2014
Genscape QAP Solutions help facilities transition to new QAP rule & promote greater liquidity in RIN markets.