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Posted December 18, 2014
Genscape QAP Solutions help facilities transition to new QAP rule & promote greater liquidity in RIN markets.
Posted November 25, 2014
Genscape expands product offering to empower analysts & traders to create in-house views of short & long term market events
Posted November 11, 2014
New report examines the evolving domestic & global crude oil pricing environment & the probability of a Gulf Coast benchmark
Posted October 28, 2014
Genscape expands proven, real-time power monitoring coverage to the UK to complete the Western European power supply & transmission landscape
Posted October 16, 2014
For the first time, industry leaders collaborate to provide QAP approval services to RFS2 bio-methane facilities
Posted October 07, 2014
Non-contact devices improve operational efficiency, reliability, capacity & resiliency of power grid operations
Posted October 01, 2014
A combination of the latest technologies – artificial intelligence, near-Earth satellites & thousands of strategically deployed, ground-based antennas – aim to increase market transparency for financial & physical market participation.
Posted September 23, 2014
Proprietary, real-time data & analysis on operations, pricing & supply & demand fundamentals provides transparency into NGLs & petrochemicals market
Posted August 14, 2014
New delivered crude prices bring unparalleled transparency to North American physical crude-by-rail markets