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Measure E&P Companies' Performance Against Expectations

Estimates of daily production volumes for major value-determining assets of 31 E&P companies

E&P company valuations are based heavily on whether or not companies can grow in a profitable way. Gain unique insight into both present and future value ahead of quarterly earnings for E&P companies with our Equity Production Insight report.

Using our oil pipeline and rail terminal monitoring, we collect and provide information on daily production estimates for 31 E&P companies in each of their respective regions. We also provide quarterly updates on production and capital expenditure data for more than 100 E&P companies, which represents substantially all publicly traded E&P companies with historical data since 2006. We go the extra mile during earnings season by providing daily summaries of earnings calls and highlight key management comments. Our data shows a strong correlation between our estimates and the actual company-reported net production numbers. 

Use production data to predict the impact on quarterly earnings:

  • Unbiased Data: Unlike publicly-held E&P companies, we are not motivated by the opinions of shareholders or upper management. We are able to provide clear, raw, granular data on a company's oil and gas production at play-level on a weekly basis.
  • Exclusive Intel: We are the only service to provide this type of transparent, raw data. 


Get a jump on company operations by monitoring daily volumes on a weekly basis. Use our production data to observe production fluctuations and identify potential quarterly beats or misses.


Understand company trends with daily data published weekly and a full quarterly suite of information including: capital expenditure and guidance, a detailed view of economics by basin, and a detailed view of economics by company play.


Get a line of sight into daily production levels across multiple companies' assets. Compare our estimates against aggregate type curves for a given region to get a sense of under- or over-performance by company or area.