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Measure Midstream Companies' Performance Against Expectations

Estimates of daily throughput and processing volumes for major value-determining assets of 21 midstream companies

Midstream company valuations can be based heavily on a collection of spot or market volumes above fee based take-or-pay volumes. Gain unique insight into both present and future value ahead of quarterly earnings for Midstream companies with our Midstream Insight report.

We use proprietary sensors to provide daily throughput estimates for 21 midstream companies and their respective assets of pipelines, gas gathering systems, and processing plants. Our data shows a strong correlation between our estimates and the ultimate, company-reported throughput. 

Make more confident, informed trading decisions when timing matters:

  • Unique Intel: We use patented monitors to track throughput on liquids pipelines. We are the only service that provides daily throughput on crude oil and NGL pipelines. 
  • Coverage of Key Companies: Some of the midstream tickers we cover include: OKE, ENB, PAA, WMB and MPLX. The list is ever expanding as we regularly add new assets.
  • Granularity: In Appalachia, we go the extra mile by breaking down processing volume at each of the MPLX plants, which provides the heavily-sought intelligence of plant level expansion and operations. 


Get a jump on company operations by monitoring daily volumes on a weekly basis. Potential beats and misses are understood from monitored data, allowing clear signals of midstream asset growth and outages.