TESLA Insight Report

Excel File

Detailed Intel on TESLA's Production Capabilities 

We observe and count TESLA batteries and vehicles leaving its Gigafactory and Fremont facilities  

In the words on Elon Musk, "the competitive strength of TESLA long term is not the car, it is the factory." With Genscape, we'll help you get a near real-time view into whether TESLA's factories are producing to expectations. Our TESLA Insight Report provides a weekly, up-to-date count of Model 3 battery deliveries from TESLA's Gigafactory to their Fremont plant. The report also includes counts of finished TESLA vehicles leaving the Fremont plant, including Model 3, Model S and Model X. 

Get a jump on TESLA's quarterly earnings:

  • Accurate Counts: Gain transparency into TESLA's production rates with precise counts of Model 3 battery deliveries and TESLA vehicles leaving the factory.
  • Production Forecast: Better inform your trading position with our quarterly TESLA production forecast. Using our patented monitors and expert analysis, we provide clear, unbiased data and analysis on forecast production. 
  • Insight: Gain insight into current constraints and identify changes in factory output behavior before anyone else.


Traders, get a jump on anticipated announcements from TESLA with a more in depth and high context view of operations.


Gain a better understanding of TESLA valuation in a near real-time, with weekly updates of operations and fluctuations in factory output.