Voyage Events

API, Online Platform

Insight into Current & Predicted Voyage Events

Assess vessel performance and trends to save time and money

Keep a close eye on the waterborne movements that are most important to you with Voyage Events. We tackle the big data challenge of analyzing 500+ million daily AIS signals to identify waterborne events impacting global oil prices, vessel availability, or port congestion. We transform complex AIS signal patterns into simple, easy-to-interpret vessel activities and measurements like ship-to-ship interactions, anchorage or berth arrivals, congestion details, and more.

Inform your own analysis of current and predicted voyage scenarios with granular data: 

  • Strengthen Operations: Compute turn-around time at berth based on entry and exit times to make more informed decisions with future voyages.
  • Be First: Monitor other vessels en route to an anchorage that may compete with you for berthing.
  • Watch the Competition: Visualize the deployment and voyage performance of competitor fleets to pivot when necessary.
  • Beat Traffic: Identify the number of ships at anchorage awaiting berth to know when to make your move.


Make more strategic trading decisions by having a deeper understanding of supply chain dynamics. Stay one step ahead of the market to anticipate future supply movements and quickly pinpoint vessel events, such as entry and exit of key facilities, to receive full transparency into global ship activity.


Quickly assess when a vessel will be able to complete cargo operations to enhance performance and efficiency. With Voyage Events data at your fingertips, quickly track fleets and identify vessel statuses at port, facility, or berth to optimize operations and maximize ROI.


Our data helps improve chartering strategies and voyage results to make smarter assessments. With the tracking tool, see the history of a vessel so you can determine the risk involved in selecting that particular ship for charter.


Prepare for increased waterborne shipping traffic. Track industry changes and anticipate congestion levels across ports or along trade routes. Our data shows vessel density levels across the globe and ETA or destination changes, allowing you to be ahead of the movements. 


With Voyage Events, spot sanctioned or unusual activity and potential fraud. The platform can be leveraged to set up custom queries to view any vessel that loaded or discharged at a given port, providing a unique layer of insight. Using the tool's polygon feature, visualize any vessel that enters a prohibited or polluted zone, which may affect or breach an insurance agreement.