Natural Gas Infrastructure Intelligence

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Timely and comprehensive data for natural gas pipeline, gathering and processing plant projects in North America

Anticipate the impact to supply and demand using insight into the status of natural gas pipeline projects

We offer the most complete, detailed status updates on processing plant, pipeline, and gathering line projects in the United States. Our reports include infrastructure updates on major ongoing and upcoming projects. We combine proprietary information from fly-overs of projects with public data such as pipeline bulletins, company announcements, and FERC filings to provide an up to date view of the natural gas infrastructure landscape. 

Beyond providing the data, our team of experts takes a clear position on expected in-service dates, delays, and more. We regularly speak with our customers to outline our forecasting methodology for determining specific pipe project forecasts.

Whether you're interested in a specific project or a more high-level supply and demand picture, we have you covered: 

  • First to Know: As soon as there is a disruption in construction or delays to expected in-service dates due to weather, we'll update you with an email alert.
  • Anticipate Activity: Develop better forecasts with up-to-date project plans and estimated project service dates.
  • One Stop Shop: Get a clear and easy to understand break down of FERC filings and access to a dedicated, on-call, team who will interpret the data and forecast in-service dates for you.


Whether you're currently invested in an infrastructure project, or looking to get your natural gas to market, get access to real-time, in-depth infrastructure intelligence. Make the most cost-effective decisions, faster.


Use our data on infrastructure projects to strategically adjust your trading position. Get an honest look into our views of project statuses, and enough information to inform your own judgment calls.