Natural Gas Regional Basis Reports & Market Commentary

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Regional Natural Gas Supply & Demand Summaries and Daily Market Commentary 

16 regional reports for US and Canada summarizing S&D to inform price behavior, accompanied by one daily morning market report highlighting the day's noteworthy market issues. 

Gain insight into regional gas price movements through daily measurements of each area’s line-item fundamentals.  Stay ahead of all major market movements via one daily Market Commentary.

Genscape’s Basis Reports cover 16 distinct regions across the US and Canada. Each report summarizes publicly-accessible pipeline data for a region’s production, imports, demand, exports, and storage behavior. Each of those fundamentals are further dissected by pipeline system. A daily regional aggregate demand forecast is provided for 14 days out, and basis prices are summarized. If a particular region is known to be influenced by any system-level constraints, those points are identified and tracked in the report. Reports are delivered each weekday morning by 7:00 am Eastern Time in PDF and Excel formats, and archived back to 2014

Basis Reports enable you to keep tabs on regional market movements:

  • Detailed Analysis: Track daily supply and demand fundamentals for 16 distinct, mapped regions to inform basis price movements. Access historical data for each of those regions, as well as precise import/export points.
  • Measuring What Matters: Each regional report summarizes pipeline sample data representing supply items of production and imports; demand items of aggregate regional demand and exports; storage injections and withdrawals; temperatures; interregional flows and pathway capacity utilization levels; and daily pricing courtesy of NGI.
  • Frequent Updates: Data is updated daily for report publication each weekday by 7:00 am Eastern.
  • One-Stop-Shop: The Basis Reports are the ideal complement to our database of raw pipeline data, pipeline notices and maintenance events, proprietary monitoring, infrastructure tracking, and modelled estimates and forecasting products.

In addition to your basis report, you receive the Daily Market Commentary, a single analytic report that addresses any of the day's notable market events. Rather than trying to fill boxes in multiple reports, the Daily Commentary provides a holistic view of notable gas market events that happened recently or will take place today or in the future. Published each weekday by 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time, Daily Commentary helps you keep tabs on events across multiple regions and commodities associated with natural gas. The report also features a summary of all pipeline critical notices posted in the last 24 hours, and all pipeline maintenance events scheduled today, tomorrow, and during weekends and the following Mondays.  


Use current and historic reports to assess the drivers of a region’s pricing and inform future positions.  Stay informed of major market issues that could affect one's positions.


Gain an understanding of a where a market’s vulnerabilities and opportunities lay for individual operating companies and assets.


Track neighboring region fundamentals to assess risk and future opportunities for supply to one’s own region of operation.


Keep an up-to-date measure on the functioning of gas markets within ones regulatory jurisdiction.