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Comprehensive Outlook on North American Crude Inventories 

A fundamental view of the North American oil market to help inform your price forecasts

Our North American Crude Oil Balance Forecast provides a three-year outlook at the supply and demand balances in the U.S. and Canada. This report leverages Genscape proprietary data in addition to multiple data public data sources. It also incorporates Genscape's leading crude oil production forecasts, and refinery crude oil demand forecast to predict crude oil inventories for all five PADDs and Canada. 

The North American Crude Oil Balance Forecast incorporates our crude oil production forecast by quality and region:

  • Comprehend: With our report, get a comprehensive view of the North American supply, movements, imports/exports, inventories, and refinery demand with synthesized data from multiple sources including: EIA, Statistics Canada, NEB, our proprietary monitors, NYMEX, etc.
  • Understand: Break out of quality level movements between North American regions and analysis of capacity constraints for major trunklines and their impact on regional crude pricing differentials, transportation costs, and unique pipeline flow data. Estimate crude quality available to run through a PADD's refineries using a model that reconciles crude movements between PADD regions. 
  • Leverage: Use our exclusive refinery monitoring data to establish a near term monthly outlook on refinery utilization rates. Also take advantage of Genscape's propriety price-to-rig driven production forecast. 
  • Conclude: Arrive at an extensive forward looking crude oil inventory outlook of North America. 


Validate your specific forecasting analysis with our proprietary data. Confirm analytical work with a robust, quality controlled model.


In just minutes, access an extensive database where you can run an assortment of forecasting scenarios to gain a deeper understanding of the crude oil market balance. Easily incorporate excel forecast data sendouts into existing models. 


Receive a crude quality regional level outlook for North America to understand product availbility. Analyze transportation options by PADD and Canada to see capacity and possible constraints.