Datafeed, Oil Intelligence Dashboard

The Industry's Only Near-Real-Time Report on Gasoline & Distillate Rack Loading Volumes & Prices

Nearly 400 rack city US locations meticulously tracked on a daily or hourly basis

Get the most accurate and complete picture of the gasoline and distillate market with our Supply Side Monitor and Supply Side Analyst. Our data is based on actual rack-level transactions, not on market surveys, estimates, or delayed data.

We offer hourly (Supply Side Monitor) or daily (Supply Side Analyst) prices and volume data on both gasoline and distillate product groupings, including regular gasoline, midgrade gasoline, premium gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, and diesel at each rack-city location, and volume data at the PADD level.

Get the most essential data for predicting trends and building demand balances for refined products:

  • Accuracy: We leverage actual, unreported daily volumes and prices for the most precise analysis and modeling, providing more informed trading decisions.
  • Exclusivity: Get the industry's only insight into hourly and daily PADD and rack-city related volumes and transactionally-based rack pricing.


Observe real-time changes in refined products demand trends, and be the first to react to price movements and trading opportunities. Analyze refined product demand trends in near-real-time, observing how demand is shifting to present supply or demand events.


Observe real-time changes in refined products demand trends. Be the first to react to price movements and trading opportunities in futures and swap derivative contracts. Track refined product demand trends on a weekly or monthly basis, aiding in identifying fundamentals trends in demand that could yield trading opportunities in futures.


Track price movements in rack cities across the U.S. on an hourly or daily basis. Use actual rack-level transactions to gain visibility into price formation. Gain insight into hourly or daily rack volumes at individual rack-cities, with the ability to measure internal volumes sold/purchased versus the overall local market.