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The Industry's Only Weekly Gasoline Demand Data Based on Actual Rack Liftings

Evaluate US gasoline demand based on rack activity two days before EIA estimates

We calculate total U.S. gasoline consumption on a weekly basis. Our analysis uses our Supply Side Monitor hourly data, sourced from actual rack liftings of gasoline (e.g. truck movements of finished gasoline from racks to retail stations). 

Get a better view of gasoline demand, a key metric in understanding the U.S. supply and demand balance:

  • Be First: Receive our weekly email detailing the U.S. gasoline demand number at 10:30 am ET on Mondays, two days ahead of weekly U.S. EIA data.
  • Market Clarity: Predict trends in gasoline demand and supply, such as shifting demands, to create a more concrete picture of gasoline demand trends several days before traditional sources.
  • Accuracy: We capture actual hourly gasoline rack activity and translate that to measurements of volumes headed to gasoline retail filling stations for an entire week. Our report has a 0.90 correlation to the rolling 4-week average Weekly EIA report on Products Supplied - Gasoline. 


Gain insight on U.S. gasoline demand to accurately assess supply/demand balances and be the first to react to price movements and trading opportunities. 


Analyze U.S. gasoline demand trends based on actual rack activity, observing how demand is shifting to present supply or demand events.


Track U.S. gasoline demand trends on a weekly basis to identify fundamentals trends in demand that could yield trading opportunities in futures.