Texas Gulf Coast Crude Storage

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Discover Key Storage Movements at the Crossroads of the Crude Supply Chain

Access weekly storage insights on 41% of EIA reported PADD 3 capacity

We provide tank-by-tank inventory and capacity data for floating- and fixed-roof tanks as well as underground cavern storage, giving you a view of utilization rates and inventory changes at the tank and operator level. This unique insight allows traders and marketers to not only know how much changed in a given week, but also at which terminal and how the changes impacted utilization. We also publish exclusive intelligence reports on terminals, which focus on storage trend updates and analysis, including construction of physical infrastructure and notable changes in inventory levels. 

Make informed decisions:

  • Stay Ahead: Gain an edge in the market by discovering storage movements a full day before EIA estimates are released.
  • Details Matter: Access tank-by-tank data essential to forecasting the most significant port cities in PADD 3 including Houston, Beaumont, and Corpus Christi.
  • Robust Database: Our weekly storage and intelligence reports supply you with pertinent information involving activity at each storage location, as well as how it impacts, and is impacted by the market. You'll also receive historical Excel data sets to serve as an important reference tool. 


Pinpoint opportunities to purchase crude from a crude owner or to assess arbitrage options using our regional database. 


Use our storage data to determine crude value. Get visibility into storage at terminals that are used for price assessments to inform trades on benchmarked crude contracts.


Given the large amount of storage volumes in Texas Gulf Coast, look at our operator level data to inform Midstream and Refiner equity performance.


Use thousands of data points to fine-tune algorithms or to facilitate a better understanding of market fundamentals.