Canadian Pipeline Service

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Unprecedented View into Critical Oil Pipeline Flows Traversing the US-Canadian Border

Real-time crude oil pipeline flows for 90% of capacity crossing the US-Canadian border

Get an unprecedented view of U.S. crude imports from and exports to Canada by pipeline. We directly monitor Enbridge's Mainline, the key artery of Canadian crude oil into the U.S., as well as TransCanada's Keystone pipeline. Get a granular view of PADD 2 and PADD 4 imports, in real time. Our Canadian pipeline service includes immediate alerts on operational changes along these crude and diluent pipeline networks, such as shutdowns, flow reductions, and restarts.

Rely on critical intelligence on crude oil pipeline flows:

  • Timeliness: Be the first to react. Get real-time alerts and half-hourly flow updates by pipeline and quickly assess market moving events. 
  • Estimate Storage Impacts: Use our real-time flow data to evaluate potential impacts on crude oil storage inventories in Western Canada and at downstream U.S. storage hubs.
  • Comprehensive: Our Canadian Pipeline service covers 90% of crude pipeline capacity into the U.S. and 91% of crude pipeline capacity from the U.S. into Canada. This service also includes key intra-Canadian pipelines, such as Kinder Morgan's Transmountain pipeline.
  • Compatibility: Embed our Canadian pipeline data into your own pricing or supply and demand models with API access.
  • Intelligence: Receive ad hoc intelligence reporting on critical pipeline infrastructure progress. Get intel on potential delays.
  • Third Party Data: Access throughput data collected from various state and federal regulatory bodies for monitored and unmonitored pipelines. 


Use real-time pipeline data to get out ahead of storage inventories or other market moving data releases. Trade grade differentials by assessing real-time utilization rates on long haul pipelines from one region to another. Be the first to know about unplanned outages and the duration of planned outages.


Generate and maintain supply and demand balances by using pipeline flow data to track import-export movements or serve as a real-time proxy for regional production dynamics.


Mitigate risk by understanding potential supply and demand imbalances via pipeline flow data. Real-time pipeline flow data can provide insights and guidance for crude oil price hedging, crack spread hedging, and spot market activity and price hedging.


Assess financial positions with exposure to crude oil prices in real-time.


Stay on top of pipeline assets and their utilization rates for key pipelines crossing the U.S.-Canadian border, including the Enbridge Mainline and TransCanada's Keystone pipeline. Understand the potential for regional bottlenecking or overbuilding as production and takeaway capacity dynamics evolve. 


Assess the need for potential new pipeline capacity or the risk of overbuilding by analyzing competitors' utilization rates. See where spare pipeline capacity exists in real-time. 


Mitigate the risk of limited takeaway capacity from production regions by analyzing pipeline utilization rates and effective capacities.