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Japan Power Market Modelling with Key Fundamental Data

Stay ahead of the curve with unique insights into supply and demand fundamentals across the grid

As interest is growing in the fast-liberalizing Japanese power market, understanding the ever-changing dynamics is a must. With our EPSI platform, we offer up-to-date, accurate infrastructure and market data with flexible, insightful market modelling capabilities. Get a clear lens into future market developments including power prices, fuel consumption, asset dispatch, and portfolio profitability.

By combining our analysts' market knowledge, thorough data research, relevant data streams, cutting-edge market modelling, and rigorous quality control, we provide an unparalleled platform for Japanese power market fundamental data and analysis. Customize the platform to fit your needs and explore your own scenarios. With the EPSI platform's lightning fast model runs, never wait for data updates again.

Seize new Japanese power market opportunities and manage risks with:

  • Scenario Analysis Capabilities: Our cutting-edge market modelling uses high-quality infrastructure and fundamental data from our EPSI Market Data Store, giving you the flexibility to explore customized short-term and long-term power market views at the push of a button.
  • Market Data Store: EPSI is the one stop shop for historical data and fundamental forecasts. The data is derived from our own research team, availability data, vendor data, and you can also upload your own using CSV files, copy-paste or via XML (API).
  • Infrastructure Insights: Access comprehensive, up-to-date infrastructure data and connect it into your market analysis. Our infrastructure data consists of plant owner, fuel type, technology type, commissioning dates, capacity, variable and fixed costs, location coordinates, plant photos and status changes including mothballing, upgrades, and closures.
  • Ten-Zone Japan Power Market Coverage: EPSI provides detailed coverage across the nine interconnected market regions (Chubu, Chugoku, Hokkaido, Hokuriku, Kansai, Kyushu, Shikoku, Tohoku, Tokyo), as well as Okinawa.


Our EPSI platform gives you an edge in the market. Get a forward-looking view of the grid with access to detailed plant and demand data and historical data on fundamental drivers such as hydro, interconnection and combined heat and power (CHP), up-to-date market price data, and powerful fundamental scenario analysis capabilities.


With complete market liberalization in 2016, power trading gathered momentum and hundreds of competitors came onto the scene. Make sure you're ahead of the game and access our EPSI platform to improve your market visibility, quickly adjust scenarios, and explore your mid and long-term vision as the market shifts. 


As you make daily, important decisions about current and future commitments in assets and business plans, use EPSI as your crystal ball to understand market development and to guide strategic decisions in line with your mid- and long-term visions. The robust forecasting capabilities give you insight into market prices and supply and demand fundamentals.