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Fortify Your Energy Company’s Internal Strengths with the Energy Management Dashboard Suite

Arm your in-house experts with the most up-to-date price data and market coverage

Whether your business is exposed to the electricity, gas, or renewable energy markets in either the wholesale or retail segments, making informed and strategic decisions is paramount to achieve success. The need to quickly gather and synthesize the right information is critical when exposed to these dynamic and opaque markets. The Dashboard is the most comprehensive single platform for viewing wholesale market data, Energy Supply Company (ESCO) customer data, and generator performance data.

Directly analyze your energy market data and risk with:

  • Energy Marks:  Power, gas, RECs? Hub, zone, citygate? Compliance SRECs or voluntary wind? Our portfolio management team is in the market everyday so your historical, spot, and future marks are accurate and transactable.
  • Short-Term Load Forecaster: Gain hourly visibility into your portfolio management team’s forecasting accuracy and understand the real-time variables driving deviations from your load zone forecast.
  • ISO & Pipeline Settlement Data: We provide a one-stop shop to view, decode, and download each of your current and historic bills, isolating the charge types so you don’t have to.
  • Regulatory Suite: Stay ahead of regulatory noise with the Dashboard’s regulatory suite. Evaluate the $/MWH or $/Dth impact of real-time FERC, EIA, ISO, State, utility, and pipeline regulatory changes by combining our quantitatively-focused and expert-backed Weekly Regulatory Update with our easy toggle Compliance Calendar.


Integrate the Dashboard suite into your daily operational workflow. Understand the underlying commodity market fluctuations impacting your bottom-line and see how they reflect on your weekly bills. Layer in this powerful market intelligence with a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and your team can execute the right growth and maintenance strategies by identifying profitable new markets and current at-risk markets.


Your development thesis and economic models need to be updated daily as the power, REC, and basis markets move quickly. These are three of the primary economic drivers that make a project financeable and worth pursuing. However, you can also get ahead of your competition by understanding the trends in the regulatory environment. What is the next hot new market? The Dashboard will help you become a leader of the pack.