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Gain insight into volatile Northeast Gas and Power prices

Make more informed short and long-term decisions with a unique outlook on energy commodities

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Genscape's Daily Gas and Power Report is one of a kind for the New England market, giving gas traders an insight into the power market and vice versa, allowing them to make informed short term and long term decisions.

The new report provides multilayered information to produce a unique outlook on energy commodities. Up-to-date information is available on a daily basis, hours before the close of the gas and power markets, allowing time to make more informed decisions and capture any major fundamental events that shift market perspective. The commentary is provided weekly and on an as-needed basis.


Delivery: Genscape's Power IQ platform and/or Email

Frequency: Data provided daily

Locations: Northeast

Subscribe: Call U.S:+1 502-583-3435

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Genscape's Daily Gas and Power Report for New England will provide you with: 

  • Expert analysis on price movers from both power and gas markets
  • Proprietary Nearest Neighbor gas model, with 14 day historical gas price estimates
  • Gas to oil switching and proprietary supply stack
  • Residential and commercial demand forecasts
  • Proprietary power demand outlook
  • Basis spreads and pipeline flows 
  • Pipeline, transmission constraints and generation outages with perspective impacts on the markets 
  • Proprietary Genscape VesseltrackerTM data on LNG deliveries to feed into customer analysis
  • Comprehensive analysis provided by the Genscape team of experts in power and gas markets

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