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Understand the supply and demand fundamentals of European power markets to seize opportunities and manage risks

Cutting-edge scenario analysis capability, using high-quality fundamental data from the EPSI Data Store, provides the flexibility to explore customized power market views with the push of a button

The EPSI Platform allows for simple scenario generation based on custom dataThe EPSI Platform's powerful, yet easy-to-use scenario analysis capability offers the flexibility to explore power market views, whether looking at day-ahead trading or longer-term strategic decisions spanning decades. The user is in full control of each scenario, allowing for exploration of key drivers such as demand forecasts and growth, wind and solar production, commodity price development, and new builds and retirements of plants. 

A unique combination of market insight, thorough data research, relevant data streams, cutting-edge scenario analysis, and rigorous quality control allows the EPSI Platform to provide an unparalleled depth and quality of data focused on the fundamentals of the European power markets. This data has been developed and fine-tuned by sector experts over many years, and is updated on a continuous basis from different sources. All data is fully sourced so as to provide total transparency, and the web-based nature of the platform means never having to wait for data updates or software downloads.

Features of the EPSI Platform:

  • Fully covers the interconnected European power market, extending as far south as Turkey and as far east as Russia
  • Personalized dashboard with comprehensive data visualizations that are shared by teams
  • High quality, up-to-date fundamental data from internal and leading external sources available in one convenient 'data store' hub
  • Powerful scenario analysis

Benefits of the EPSI Platform:

  • Quickly adjust scenarios in a constantly changing market, using the latest market data
  • Stress test positions and explore what-if situations
  • Guide strategic and investment decisions to explore mid and long-term vision
  • Expert support available a click away
  • Develop insights quickly with rapid model iterations
  • Save time on implementation with ready-to-run, secure web-based programs


Delivery: Online, interactive dashboard

Frequency: Real-time

Locations: Europe

Subscribe: Call +31 20 524 4089 or +1 866 292 8060

EPSI Platform consultation

EPSI enables us to save on analytical and IT resources and at the same time allows us to perform our own market simulations to support short-term trading analysis, as well as longer term investment and planning analysis. Crucially, EPSI has enabled us to achieve a diverse set of aims that could not have been realised with conventional options.
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Avoid complex heavy lifting

Get sophisticated data with the detail you need, minus the hassle

Without the need for custom software or hours of analysis, traders and analysts are able to gather the market intelligence needed to support decisions using a simple yet powerful tool. The EPSI Platform incorporates the most up-to-date market data from industry leading data providers on an easy-to-use scenario analysis platform. Users login to the only web-hosted modeling solution in the EU to access a truly real-time service that has the flexibility to power in-house models when necessary, or simply generate the data required to communicate basic, short-term price drivers to internal stakeholders.

From traders balancing the day-ahead portfolio with weather forecasts and short-term market data, to a team of portfolio managers developing a hedging strategy, a trading organization finds value with the EPSI Platform at all levels. In addition to informing trading decisions, the EPSI Platform is used by banks and financial advisors to gather the data and intelligence needed to make decisions about project finance, getting credit committee approval, and advising outside clients in M&A processes. 

With EPSI, traders and analysts are able to: 

  • Maintain complete control of the data inputs
  • Focus on any European power market, at an hourly level
  • Respond rapidly to changes in market conditions
  • Stress-test positions and strategies
  • Visualize and share results via the dashboard
Understand the Challenges in Gathering, Normalising & Utilising it in Fundamental Analysis
See the effects of recent economic events on electricity demand

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A simple, sophisticated in-house solution for successful long-term planning

Conduct fundamental analysis using the industry's best data in a powerful scenario analysis platform

With up-to-date data available at your fingertips in a user-friendly online platform, it's no longer necessary to dedicate resources or outsource for strategic analysis projects. The EPSI Platform provides insight into future market development for mapping out strategy, taking new build decisions, and backing up M&A processes. 

In addition, utility managers and strategists gain the necessary insight into which power markets require further capacity, as well as market scenarios to drive an initial business case for new development activity. 

Gain strategy and investment insights to: 

  • Guide strategic and investment decisions
  • Explore mid and long-term vision
  • Achieve a common understanding within teams and between departments
Understand the Challenges in Gathering, Normalising & Utilising it in Fundamental Analysis

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Total European Market Coverage

EPSI provides detailed coverage for all 32 countries representing the interconnected European power market, plus Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. The specific countries are listed below. 

For each of these markets, EPSI provides access to detailed plant and demand data, up-to-date market price data, and powerful fundamental scenario analysis. The option to access only the fundamental data is also available for those requiring a simpler analysis or data integration with in-house models. 

Western Europe

  • Germany
    Great Britain

Central Eastern Europe

  • Czech Republic



  • Turkey


  • Russia


Northern Europe

  • Denmark


South Eastern Europe

  • Greece
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Serbia and Montenegro




Understand the Challenges in Gathering, Normalising & Utilising it in Fundamental Analysis
See the effects of recent economic events on electricity demand