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Understand the supply and demand fundamentals of the Japanese power market to seize opportunities and manage risks

The EPSI Platform combines constantly updated and high quality infrastructure and market data with flexible, insightful scenario analysis capabilities 

Features of the EPSI Platform:

A unique combination of market insight, thorough data research, relevant data streams, cutting-edge scenario analysis, and rigorous quality control allows the EPSI Platform to provide an unparalleled depth and quality of Japanese power market fundamental data and analysis. EPSI's infrastructure data has been developed and fine-tuned by sector experts, and is updated on a continuous basis from different sources. All data is fully sourced so as to provide total transparency, and the web-based nature of the platform means never having to wait for data updates or software downloads. EPSI’s scenario analysis capabilities are fully integrated with this data, and provide a unique level of speed and flexibility to explore scenarios in a hosted, highly visual, and easy-to-use environment. It has been especially designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users including traders, analysts and executives.


Delivery: Online, interactive platform

Frequency: On-demand

Locations: Japan

Subscribe: Call +41 44 533 1650 

EPSI Platform consultation

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Explore key drivers of the Japanese power market with EPSI's scenario analysis capability

Cutting-edge scenario analysis, using high-quality fundamental data from the EPSI Market Data Store, provides the flexibility to explore customized short-term and long-term power market views at the push of a button

EPSI dashboardThe EPSI Platform's powerful, yet easy-to-use scenario analysis capability offers the flexibility to explore power market views, whether looking at day-ahead trading or longer-term strategic decisions spanning decades. The user is in full control of each scenario, allowing for exploration of key drivers such as demand forecasts and growth, wind and solar production, commodity price development, and new builds and retirements of plants.

EPSI's unique level of usability and rich visualization capability does away with the need for specialized training, and makes EPSI the ideal tool to take along to meetings - improving communication within and across teams, and deepening the development of insights.

Key Benefits of the EPSI Platform:

  •     Quickly adjust scenarios in a constantly changing market, using the latest infrastructure and market data
  •     Stress test positions and explore what-if situations
  •     Guide strategic and investment decisions to explore mid and long-term vision
  •     Expert support available a click away
  •     Develop insights quickly with rapid model iterations
  •     Save time on implementation with ready-to-run, secure hosted platform approach

Key Features of the EPSI Platform:

  •     Full user control of all scenario assumptions at hourly resolution
  •     Unparalleled usability through clever interface design that adjusts to different user requirements
  •     Ability to connect to either EPSI default data, vendor data streams, or user provided data
  •     Powerful methodologies including hydro storage modeling, unit commitment analysis, and transmission interface constraints
  •     Industry standard optimization-based power market modelling framework that is extensible and fully transparent
  •     Cutting edge modeling engine with unparalleled execution speeds
  •     Hosted platform enabling parallelization of model runs


EPSI Japan

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Powerful business intelligence with unparalleled depth and quality of infrastructure data

Access comprehensive and up-to-date infrastructure data, in the format you need most, with the click of a button

The EPSI Platform provides an unparalleled depth and quality of infrastructure data spanning the Japanese power market. This data has been developed and fine-tuned by sector experts over many years, and is constantly updated by an in-house research team. All data is fully sourced so as to provide total transparency. Additionally, the web-based nature of the platform means never waiting for data updates.

EPSI Platform Infrastructure Data Consists Of:

  •     Plant owner, fuel type, and technology type
  •     Commissioning date and status changes which include mothballing, upgrades, planned closures, and closures
  •     Capacity, efficiency as well as variable and fixed costs
  •     Location coordinates and plant photos

Data is delivered in the format needed most to achieve goals in real-time. Easily export into spreadsheet format for external analysis, or download custom maps, graphs, and charts to create a powerful visual presentation. The EPSI Platform Infrastructure Data also seamlessly connects into EPSI Platform Scenario Analysis to provide a unique level of data and analysis integration.

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EPSI Japan

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The hub for market forward curves and fundamental forecasts from leading data vendors

Experienced much like a mobile app store, the EPSI Data Store allows users to easily access industry leading data for use with the EPSI Platform. Users can trial data to compare scenario forecast results using data from a combination of competing data providers, often resulting in a unique, accurate interpretation. By using simple datafeed mechanisms, including CSV and XML, users can ensure that their latest in-house data is also available for the whole team for their scenarios and dashboards. 

All relevant data on a single platform:

  • Avoids multiple discoveries and contracting processes
  • Pick-and-choose capability for easy exploration 
  • Direct link to the scenario analysis
  • Competitive pricing with the flexibility to explore varying data
  • Integrate in-house data for use by the whole team for scenarios and dashboards
EPSI Japan

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Total Japanese Power Market Coverage

EPSI provides detailed coverage of the 10-zone Japanese power market:

  1. Japan coverageChubu
  2. Chugoku
  3. Hokkaido
  4. Hokuriku
  5. Kansai
  6. Kyushu
  7. Okinawa
  8. Shikoku
  9. Tohoku
  10. Tokyo

For each of these zones, EPSI provides access to detailed plant and demand data, historical data on fundamental drivers such as hydro, interconnection and CHP, up-to-date market price data, and powerful fundamental scenario analysis capabilities.

The option to access only the infrastructure data is also available for those requiring a simpler analysis or data integration with in-house analytical systems.

EPSI Japan