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Unparalleled real-time insights into Japan power markets

Identify new trading opportunities & optimize asset utilization with the industry's most granular detail available on generation & transmission flows

Genscape is widely recognized as the industry standard in providing real-time generation and transmission visibility to power market participants.

Japan Infrared Image of Power Plant

PowerRT Japan supports trading desks and analytical departments with unique capabilities to develop and improve trading strategies, analyze production, visualize fuel stacks, and optimize asset utilization. A web-based service with a powerful mapping and dashboarding system, PowerRT provides users with an interactive representation of real-time power market fundamentals in the key traded power markets of Japan.

The unique platform provides a flexible workspace for visualizing all relevant power market information, bringing together a vast array of quality and fit-for-purpose fundamental power market data. This includes demand, conventional and renewable generation, availability, as well as transmission and data from our proprietary monitoring systems, which constantly track production and interconnection in real time.

All data is validated by our industry specialists from a variety of critical sources, presented in a clear and easy to use dashboard, enabling deep insight development.

Benefits of PowerRT Japan:

  • Spot generation changes that can have an immediate impact to both intra-day and day ahead markets
  • Understand stack dynamics and cross border flows to better uncover trading patterns 
  • Gain a competitive advantage with alerts to plant trips and status changes as they happen in real-time
  • Develop and improve trading strategies, analyze production, and optimize asset utilization 
  • Use the PowerRT Datafeed for additional granularity delivered straight to in-house analytic systems 
  • Access historical maintenance trends, calculate or estimate revision times, start up and shut down times, calculate CO2 emissions and analyze plant production schedules


Delivery: Online, interactive platform

Frequency: Real-time

Locations: Japan

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State-of-the-art Power System Monitoring technologies

Genscape EMF monitor in the field

Gain a first mover advantage with Genscape proprietary information

Getting a trading signal ahead of the curve is key to making successful trading decisions. Genscape delivers extremely fast signals on changes in the power network that impact on the traded power markets. Using proprietary technologies, power plant output and interconnector flow data is measured in real time. Alert of significant changes are sent out as they happen. Genscape employs a combination of electro-magnetic field measurement monitors and infrared thermal imaging cameras across Japan to seamlessly cover all significant sites.

Electro Magnetic Frequency Devices

Genscape's Japanese operation uses a network of over 1800 Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) monitoring devices. These devices collect and send back electro-magnetic frequency data on a 24/7 basis. Scientific algorithms convert the raw data into power flows for accurate estimates of net feeds into the power transmission grid. Additional proprietary algorithms calculate information from a number of devices around a power generating plant to provide the current MW output of the plant.

Infra-Red Thermal Imaging

In addition to the patented EMF devices Genscape also uses infra-red cameras that record heat-signatures and plumes on power generating plants. Proprietary algorithms convert these images into an estimated output. This type of monitoring is deployed in urban areas and where EMF monitoring capabilities cannot be used.


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