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Industry-leading proprietary data and power market analytics for retailers, utilities, and industrials

Optimize power systems, reduce costs, and minimize risk

As a power supplier, purchaser or marketer in WECC, your mission is to optimize your power system, reduce power costs and minimize risk. The Western Interconnect is a large region where distant market drivers can effect local pricing.

Genscape’s WECC Term Energy Price Forecast provides fundamental data and power market analytics based on its advanced unit commitment model, allowing users to accurately forecast hourly next-day prices out to one year in the future. This also allows clients to optimize buying and hedging strategies for the Mid-C, Four Corners, Mead, NP, SP, ZP, Palo Verde, Rocky Mountains, and Utah.

Genscape’s WECC Term service provides you with the industry’s most comprehensive and rigorous fundamental tool for understanding prices, market drivers, and risks. Covering all major pricing points from next-day through a full year, the WECC Term service allows you to compare fundamental prices to the forward curve and assess the impact of weather, hydro, gas prices, and other events.

Genscape Temperature Forecast
SOURCE: Genscape's WECC Term Energy Price Forecast allows users to compare fundamental prices to the forward curve and assess the impact of weather, hydro, gas prices and other events



Delivery: Online dashboard

Frequency: Daily

Locations: WECC power region

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The WECC Term Energy Forecast features:

  • Daily morning reports covering nine WECC pricing hubs for onpeak and off-peak pricing
  • Detailed analysis of market drivers and risks including demand, congestion, wind, and generation
  • Security Constrained Unit Commitment model applied to latest TEPPC generator database
  • Proprietary hydro, wind, solar, and carbon market modeling
  • Access to Genscape’s experienced team of WECC power analysts and meteorologists
  • Customized model runs and risk scenarios

What do I received as a WECC Term client?

  • Early morning IM blast summarizing market moving fundamentals and Genscape’s recommendations on trading opportunities
  • Historic time series data on intertie flows, unit outages, water supply, and more are available via .csv files in customized email delivery
  • Hourly, daily, monthly, and quarterly  power price and heat rate forecasts for nine WECC pricing hubs with comparisons to current forward market prices
  • Direct, real-time access to Genscape’s experienced analysts and meteorologists
WECC Term Forecast Report
SOURCE: Genscape's new WECC Term service forecasts WECC power hub prices to help users optimize buying and hedging strategies


"Genscape’s WECC Term product is something I look at every morning. It is a one-stop shop to give me a fundamental picture of what is driving prices and where the risks are."
Mike Bradshaw, Chelan County PUD

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 Benefits of the WECC Term Energy Forecast include:

  • A time-saving and powerful tool to identify optimal buy/sell/hedge strategies based on cost and risk price forecasts
  • Forecasts that are archived and benchmarked against the market for easy tracking of relative performance