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Real-time power plant statuses on an easy-to-use online dashboard

PowerRT is an essential tool for power traders, delivering real-time status of generation throughout the U.S.

Using thousands of patented in-the-field monitors, Genscape’s PowerRT service gives clients a real-time view on the status of the power grid. PowerRT also gives users notifications of generation outages or changes, helping to better inform trading strategies, analyze production, and optimize asset utilization.

Used by power market participants for over a decade, PowerRT gives unrivaled visibility into the main U.S. Power markets with coverage across the country. Genscape monitors real-time output of over 480 key plants across the country totaling over 550 GW of generation capacity, and continues to expand coverage through the use of different technologies including infrared and electro-magnetic field monitors.

PowerRT George Neal North Station
SOURCE: The online dashboard shows a map of the U.S. with the ability to hone in on specific power plants or transmission lines. The chart above shows the coal-fired George Neal North-South Station.



Delivery: Online dashboard

Frequency: Real-time

Locations: North America

Subscribe: Call 866 292 8060

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Genscape uses thousands of patented in-the-field monitors to provide a real-time view on the status of the power grid
“We are out on the cutting edge with our monitoring technology and site installations – we are proud of the network we have built.”

Kenny Stewart, Director, Field Services

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PowerRT Alerts
SOURCE: The PowerRT dashboard shows real-time alerts for line flows and plant status. Each alert contains historical flow data, flow change and capacity utilized.

PowerRT includes: 

  • Proprietary monitoring of transmission & generation facilities across North America, including PJM, the Northeast (ISO-NE & NYISO), WECC, MISO, SPP, ERCOT & the Southeast markets
  • Up to 10 years’ worth of data with the ability to see plant detail history, operations, data & ownership
  • Alerting based on user-defined thresholds with ability to monitor customized plant lists
  • Overnight update emails summarizing significant output changes & outages
  • Ability to customize & save workspace to streamline intake of information

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Customers of PowerRT can: 

  • See plant trips & outages occur in real-time to better manage trading positions
  • Better understand the composition of the supply stack in a region, reflecting any regulatory market changes
  • Access On-Demand & RT Datafeeds that provide granular data for use in proprietary in-house tools
  • Develop and improve trading strategies, analyze production, and optimize asset utilization 
  • See the interplay of weather events & plant output & supply availability
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Genscape offers PowerRT customers two powerful datafeed options to incorporate real-time plant generation information into internal databases and analysis tools

On-Demand Datafeed

This option is designed for customers who need access to historical data for analysis but are not using the data in systems for real-time trading. Implementation is straightforward, with customers accessing a secure URL to download data in CSV, XML, or other standard formats. Download frequency is customer-determined and can be as frequent as once per minute. Each download provides the latest value for each plant and STP to which the customer subscribes, including IR plants and alerts (if applicable).

Real-Time Datafeed

This premium option is designed for customers who are using real-time generation data in their trading and analysis systems, and who demand a higher level of data integrity. Implementation requires a dedicated messaging connection, powered by Tibco. Customers receive every update from every Genscape monitor/source in real-time, which can amount to 70,000+ messages per day. Message delivery is monitored and alerts are generated in the event of non-delivery. Genscape offers free trials of all its power market services. Learn more and register for a free trial to see how real-time energy data can impact your business.