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Leverage our patented network to access never before seen intel 

We are the pioneer in bringing big data and the Internet of Things to energy markets. What started with a single electro-magnetic field (EMF) monitor back in 1999 to measure flow on power lines has now grown to a veritable arsenal of patented monitors, sensors, and other connected devices. We combine our cutting edge technology with a dedicated team of over 80 data scientists, researchers, and developers who use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to collect, analyze, and transform data into market intelligence. 

In addition to over 4,000 on-the-ground EMF monitors, we use infrared cameras, satellite imagery, terrestrial AIS antennas, and omnidirectional microphones to lift the veil on the previously unknown. From real-time oil and gas pipeline flows to tank storage levels and current vessel movements, our team is constantly creating clever approaches to directly track global energy supply chains. Our technology portfolio boasts over 120 patents and counting, solidifying our place as the industry innovators. 

Technology doesn't stop at data collection; we extend our expertise through to product delivery. Through SaaS, data feeds, or the Genscape Data API, we offer ease of use and flexibility.  

With Genscape, gain an informational advantage.

Natural Gas

We think outside the box. We collect alternative fundamental data through use of infrared cameras, sensors, and aerial flyovers to offer the most complete and detailed tracking of processing plant, pipeline, and gathering line projects.



We receive over 500 million signals daily, monitor more than 170,000 vessels, and recognize 55 million vessel related events and status change via terrestrial and satellite AIS for the most accurate picture of global shipping.


The combination of our flare signature evaluation methodology with liquid productions data provide the most accurate estimates of total oil and other liquids production in key region such as Libya, Venezuela, and Iran, a never before seen process.


We have thousands of EMF monitors and IR cameras strategically located to directly track output levels and flows at power plants and on transmission lines.


We're the only source surveying the TESLA Gigafactory and Fremont manufacturing facility to provide actual power consumption, vehicle, and battery counts. 

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