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LOOP Caverns
David Arno and Dylan White, Oil Market Analysts
February 16, 2018
The vessel “Shaden” is expected to disembark from the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) sometime early next week, based on a 300,000 bpd fill rate. This marks a milestone in the already-burgeoning U.S. crude export industry, as it will become the first Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC)...
Venezuela oil
Devin Geoghegan, Global Director, Supply & Demand Analytics
February 13, 2018
Deciphering Venezuelan oil is akin to searching for a rusted penny at night in a muddy pond with only starlight to illuminate – you are better off relying on a metal detector. To provide transparency into the current situation, Genscape decided to deploy its proprietary flare signature methodology on...
Ethanol Storage
Jim Venhoff, Ag & Biofuels, Manager
February 07, 2018
The Jefferson Energy Terminal has hit the ground running since completing four large storage tanks in late 2017, capable of handling a total 550,000 barrels (bbls) of ethanol. The tanker “Bow Kiso” (IMO: 9379894) received the first ethanol that came from the terminal on November 30, 2017....
PADD 3 Oil Refinery
Amanda Fairfax Dirkes, Refinery Analyst
February 07, 2018
While the magnitude and longevity of planned work varies from year to year, refinery maintenance typically occurs during seasons that bookend peak refined products demand. Refinery maintenance schedules have rippling effects on the oil supply chain, as the seasonal decrease in crude demand often impacts...
Ecuador Oil
Devin Geoghegan, Global Director, Supply & Demand Analytics
February 07, 2018
Following the release of OPEC’s January 2018 Oil Market Report (“OMR”), which confirmed Genscape’s December 2017 oil production for Libya that was released prior to the OMR, we want to provide our full January expectation (we gave a preview of it on January 19) ahead of the February...
Cushing, OK, Oil Storage Hub
Dylan White and David Arno, Oil Market Analysts
February 02, 2018
Current inventories at the Cushing, OK, storage hub have fallen more than 27mn bbls since the beginning of November, dropping to the lowest level since January 2015, according to Genscape’s Cushing Crude Oil Storage report. Steady declines have been driven by incoming pipeline outages hampering supply...
oil production
Devin Geoghegan, Global Director, Supply & Demand Analytics
January 19, 2018
The January 18 release of OPEC’s January Oil Market Report (“OMR”) confirmed Genscape’s High Frequency Oil Production Monitor’s detected December oil production from Libya, which was posted on January 6. After adjusting for known weather effects, Genscape detected 977kbpd of oil...
oil production
Amanda Fairfax Dirkes, Oil Refinery Analyst & Suzanne Danforth, Downstream Prod Development Director
January 18, 2018
Below-freezing temperatures swept across Texas and Louisiana the evening of January 16 and into January 17, causing several disruptions as refineries and local infrastructure contended with the frigid conditions. The effects of these conditions had a greater impact on refinery operations compared to the...
natural gas storage
Eric Fell, Senior NatGas Analyst and Hannah Burk, Director of Proprietary NatGas Products
January 18, 2018
Genscape is thrilled to announce that its lead Forward Supply & Demand analyst, Eric Fell, was named 2017’s "Most Accurate Natural Gas Storage Forecaster in The Land" by The Desk, a publication of Scudder Publishing Group. Eric has been involved in the energy markets for over 15 years,...
oil pipeline
Ryan Saxton, Oil Transportation Manager and Jodi Quinnell, Oil Product Manager
January 17, 2018
With additional Permian-outbound pipeline capacity announced seemingly every month, it is worth exploring each artery out of the production region. Knowing the capacities of outbound pipelines isn't enough information to grasp a true sense of what's going on in the Permian and where bottlenecks might...