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natural gas storage
Michael Rice, Data Scientist and Eric Fell, Senior Natural Gas Analyst
December 07, 2017
Genscape's power burn estimates have proven to be more accurate than the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Our models had been indicating that the EIA was significantly underestimating power demand throughout 2017, on the order of 1 Bcf/d or above the past few months. In the...
LNG Tanker
Jason Lord, LNG Analyst, Natural Gas & Genscape Maritime Team
December 06, 2017
Genscape Vesseltracker recently added 21 new antennas across Japan. The expanded AIS coverage provides insight into the major imports and exports there by sharing a near-real time view of ship arrivals and departures. Japan is the world’s largest purchaser of liquefied natural gas (LNG), so a large...
Oil Storage
Dylan White, Oil Market Analyst, and Suzanne Danforth, Director, Downstream Product Development
November 30, 2017
Crude supply moving into the U.S. was limited for the week ending November 24, as TransCanada's 590,000 bpd Keystone pipeline was shut on November 16 due to a leak in South Dakota. The pipeline transports barrels from Hardisty, AB, to Steele City, NE, and then onward to either Cushing, OK, or Patoka, IL...
gasoline pump
Suzanne Danforth, Director, Downstream Product Development
November 29, 2017
U.S. gasoline demand over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend only showed modest gains relative to the previous week and 2016 levels, despite expectations of increased holiday travel. Sizable growth in PADD 1 and PADD 2 consumer demand was mostly offset by year-on-year declines in the rest of the U.S, according...
crude oil tanker
Dylan White, David Arno, and Alex Geisler, Oil Analysts
November 06, 2017
Waterborne crude exports from the U.S. Gulf Coast increased 2.9mn bbls (411,000 bpd) to 17.7mn bbls (2.53mn bpd), for the week ending October 27, the most recent record high in a two-month trend of increasing movements, according to Genscape. Inventories fell precipitously the same week,...
soybean field
Timm Decker, Analyst, Ag & Biofuels
October 31, 2017
On October 25, Genscape added three new soybean facilities to its Soybean Processing Monitor Service, increasing the coverage of the U.S. soybean processing capacity to over 33 percent. The additions include Archer Daniels Midland’s (ADM) 125,000 bushels per day (bpd) Fostoria, OH, facility, their...
natural gas pipelines
Rick Margolin & Joe Bernardi, Genscape Natural Gas & Ross Fessenden & Dave Quinn, Genscape Power
October 23, 2017
Southern California gas and power prices are registering some of their highest prices in years as the market deals with potentially record-breaking heat, hitting at a time when both gas and power markets are dealing with supply disruptions. The contributing factors are lining up to persist through the rest...
Genscape aerial imagery
Dylan White, Oil Market Analyst & Lee Williams, Oil Refinery Analyst, Genscape
October 12, 2017
Hurricane Nate, the most recent storm in an unforgettably violent hurricane season, made landfall twice in early October. The storm first came ashore on October 7 near the mouth of the Mississippi River in southeast Louisiana as a Category 1 hurricane, then made a second landfall in Mississippi the morning...
oil pipeline
Mike Walls, Crude Oil Analyst, Genscape
October 06, 2017
On October 5, 2017 TransCanada Corp announced that it had scrapped its Energy East Pipeline project. The termination of the 1.1 million (mn) barrel per day (bpd) Energy East Pipeline has a significant impact from TransCanada’s perspective, but the impact for the broader Canadian crude...
mexico earthquake
Sam Johnson, Mexico Power, Rick Margolin, Natural Gas & Esteban Trejo, Natural Gas
October 04, 2017
Key takeaways: After an initial, severe shock to the system, Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission was able to restore power to 99 percent of the 4.8 million people affected within 48 hours of the September 19 earthquake. Hurricane Harvey dropped U.S. natural gas exports to Mexico by roughly...