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Energize U – The Tools & Resources You Need to Be a Successful Leader & Manager at Genscape

Last week, 17 Genscape employees had the opportunity to participate in Energize U, a unique, tailored leadership and management training course held in Louisville, Kentucky. These 17 employees came from all over the US and Europe to take part in a week-long, hands-on training on how to be a successful leader and manager in the workplace.

The program was hosted by Karen Wunderlin, co-owner of “The WorkShop – The Creative Work Place” ( The WorkShop is used by many organizations to help train and inspire employees to be successful, whether in team building, being a manager or leader, or just thinking outside the box. Karen has been working with Genscape and its employees since its original owners, Sean O’Leary and Sterling Lapinski, started the company over 10 years ago. In fact, Sean O’Leary stopped by one day to say hello and give the group a speech on his experiences as a manager and leader, particularly during his time as CEO of Genscape.

The Workshop was held in a modern, industrial style loft, with a “New York SoHo kind of feel.” The abundance of candy, board games, Legos and other fun toys made it easy for the group to get creative and comfortable with one another. The goal of the training was to develop skills and talents of selected high potential employees, and prepare them for leadership roles.

Before the program started, everyone took the Myers Briggs Type Indicator ( to help understand more about themselves and how to leverage their personality to work with others in the workplace. There were individuals from many of the different MBTI types, demonstrating how diverse the Genscape workplace is, even among a small sample size. The results of this test really framed the training for the rest of the week, as employees used the assessment tool as a self-discovery, to really understand their work style and management/leadership preferences.

The week consisted of a lot of fun, engaging activities and games where the group learned how to actively listen, ask open ended questions and paraphrase, give constructive feedback, have a coaching conversation, have empathy, set goals, develop an employee, and implement situational leadership and emotional intelligence.

In addition to building one’s own leadership and management skills, the group had a lot of time to get to know one another, which was a great opportunity for employees who are used to emailing and phoning every day. There was a lot of good food, drinks, and fun times.

Genscape values the growth and expansion if its employees’ careers. Genscape finds it important to motivate and encourage employees, so as to continuously improve retention and encourage collaboration, communication and growth.

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