Blog January 18, 2018

Genscape is thrilled to announce that its lead Forward Supply & Demand analyst, Eric Fell, was named 2017’s "Most Accurate Natural Gas Storage Forecaster in The Land" by The Desk, a publication of Scudder Publishing Group. Eric has been involved in the energy markets for over 15 years, including seven years at Merrill Lynch Commodities where he was a senior natural gas analyst. Since joining Genscape, he has been an invaluable source of insight into the various aspects of natural gas demand and has built best-in-class demand models that more accurately reflect the evolution of U.S. natural gas consumption.

In addition to publicly available data, Genscape’s supply and demand models also incorporate data from our network of real-time proprietary monitors that span across the energy spectrum. Our proprietary data provides a significant advantage in understanding real-time market dynamics and developing reliable forecasts. Genscape's Daily S&D and Forward S&D products benefit from our suite of proprietary data products including Monitored Power Burn, North American LNG Exports, U.S. to Mexico Exports, and Intrastate Storage.

Genscape’s "People Advantage"

Genscape has of number of senior analysts with years of “real world” energy experience including exploration and production companies, commodity merchants, and energy hedge funds. This accumulated knowledge and experience gives us additional insight into how the energy markets work, and helps us build better supply and demand models. Our experience also allows us to better understand the needs of our clients, since we have collectively walked many miles in their shoes. 

Genscape's Natural Gas S&D Models

Genscape’s Forward S&D Forecast is developed and curated by industry experts and combines a best in class demand forecast with the market's top natural gas production forecast to deliver a highly accurate and detailed supply and demand outlook based on the forward price curves set by the market. Updated weekly, this report forecasts the likely path of the market if current forward prices and normal weather are realized over the next several seasons. Genscape's Daily S&D product provides clarity into real-time supply & demand fundamentals and includes a highly accurate estimate of EIA weekly storage inventory changes using pipeline nominations as well as Genscape's proprietary data. The weekly storage number forecast is available every Tuesday at 6am (EST). In addition to daily commentary, clients are provided with a daily excel file with the detailed components and history for use in in-house models.

Weekly Natural Gas Storage Changes

The following is an excerpt from The Desk, which operates the continent’s biggest analyst forecast survey (40+ analysts, models and surveys contacted each week) for the EIA’s weekly storage report:

The Desk Excerpt

First appeared in The Desk (1/10/18), copyright 2018, scudder publishing group, LLC.

2017 Final Tally