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Genscape Proprietary Monitoring Illuminates Tesla's Model 3 Battery Production at Gigafactory

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The Tesla Gigafactory near Reno, Nevada, is currently ramping up battery production and by 2018 could become the largest Lithium-ion battery factory in the world. The battery packs produced in the new industrial mega-facility are critical to Tesla's true make-or-break moment: the launch of the Tesla Model 3 mass market electric sedan. A massive increase in the market share of electric vehicles, driven primarily by a rapid decline in the cost of batteries, has the potential to disrupt multiple industries including automotive, energy storage, oil and gas, electric power transmission, and solar power. Both deep skepticism and fervent enthusiasm for Tesla abounds on Wall Street, as for a brief moment in 2017 Tesla (TSLA) was both the largest U.S. auto manufacturer by market capitalization, as well as the most-shorted stock ticker in the United States.

Genscape has the near-real-time answers on how effectively Tesla is executing on its ambitious goals. Using an array of patented proprietary monitoring techniques, Genscape is tracking and estimating the daily battery production at the Tesla Gigafactory that is fueling the Model 3 electric vehicle production ramp-up at Tesla's Fremont Vehicle Plant. In addition to monitoring battery pack production, Genscape is also measuring the ramp-up in electric power consumption by the Tesla Gigafactory as construction progresses and additional battery production lines are brought online and tested. Genscape is closely watching ongoing construction progress of the massive modular facility, via daily satellite imagery courtesy of Planet Labs, and making all the timely information gathered from various independent monitoring sources available to its customers.

The Tesla Gigafactory is just one of hundreds of industrial facilities that Genscape tracks with its proprietary monitoring. The leading provider of market intelligence in energy and commodities, Genscape has leveraged its proprietary sensor network to track production at crude oil refineries, petrochemical facilities, natural gas processing plants, LNG liquefaction terminals, power plants, and residential and commercial solar power facilities. To learn more about Genscape's ability to gather unique fundamental data in commodities, energy, and equities markets, or to request a trial of Genscape data, please click here.

Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory

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