Genscape Vesseltracker Expands AIS Network in the City of Oil

Blog July 13, 2018

Genscape Vesseltracker recently brought online 19 AIS antennas across the globe, including key port locations in the Middle East and Africa. The expanded network covers cities such as Djibouti, Istanbul, and Al Ahmadi. The AIS antenna data provides near-real time visibility into vessel movements, allowing clients to grasp an unrivaled understanding of the global commodity supply chain.

The latest antenna addition in Kuwait’s Mina al Ahmadi Port on the Persian Gulf is especially valuable to our clients who need to understand the region’s import and export levels. Al Ahmadi is named the “City of Oil,” for its large quantity of the commodity and its popularity as a major oil tanker loading area. Kuwait is one of the top 10 largest oil producers in the world, producing 2.93mn barrels per day (bpd) in 2017, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The country’s oil and gas sector accounts for 40 percent of the country's GDP and 92 percent of export revenues, according to the Organization of Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Kuwait Port

Since the beginning of this year, Genscape’s Middle East Waterborne Crude Report showed that nearly 2.12mn bpd of crude oil exports came from the Mina Al Ahmadi port. In June, 45 tankers visited the port and loaded around 72mn barrels (bbls), or 2.40mn bpd, of crude oil. This is an increase of 16mn bbls, or 0.5mn bpd, compared to the previous month which was mainly due to higher demand in East Asian countries.

In addition to Kuwait's high oil production and supply, the country is increasing its reliance on natural gas imports to meet growing electricity demand. As a short-term solution to fulfill natural gas needs, Kuwait completed construction of its first LNG import terminal in 2013, the Mina Al-Ahmadi GasPort. The facility helps to satisfy the need for a safe, reliable source of natural gas that can be converted into electricity.

Leveraging a combination of big data analytics and machine learning, Genscape Vesseltracker aggregates the AIS data captured by the Mina al Ahmadi Port antenna to give traders, analysts, and suppliers never-before-seen transparency into current movements on the water. The Cockpit tool quickly deciphers what ships outside of the terminal are specific to LNG. Clients use the platform to see expected ship arrivals to the GasPort, or to determine where the tanker is headed after it loads. In Figure 2 below, Genscape Vesseltracker data shows the long-term track of the LNG vessel “Sonangol Etosha,” heading toward the terminal in early July. Clients can continue tracking its journey by creating custom alerts on the vessel to get frequent updates as it approaches or leaves the facility.

Kuwait Port

Genscape Vesseltracker’s Antenna Partners receive full access to all AIS antenna data and information from our ship database, including vessel owners and managers, and technical specifications. We are always working to expand our network, so if you are interested in becoming a Genscape Vesseltracker antenna partner, please let us know here!