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Hurricane Sandy NYISO Update Oct. 30: 12:30PM

Things to Watch: Following Hurricane Sandy’s passing through the New York region over 2 million customers remain without power, which translates to approximately 28% of total electricity usage at this time of year (see graph below). In addition to leaving numerous customers without power the storm has also knocked out major transmission and generation equipment. This has limited the amount of electricity that can be imported to New York City and Long Island from neighboring states and has also prevented some of the state’s power plants from connecting to the electrical grid

As a result the New York ISO has called on many plants which would otherwise be offline in order to protect reliability. Using Genscape’s proprietary monitors we can confirm that major generation has been forced offline, but also that many units are standing by ready to ramp up to full capacity if the need emerges. For more specific information on power, transmission and generation outages, see the sections below.

In the hours and days ahead we will be closely monitoring the speed with which power is restored to customers. The generation and transmission outages we are reporting are currently having a limited effect on the electricity market due to electricity usage being so low, but that may change. If utilities are able to restore power faster than the damaged generation and transmission equipment can be repaired price impacts in the state could be significant. That is especially true in New York City and Long Island, where electricity is traditionally the most expensive in the state and where most outages are concentrated. We will continue to report out on how this situation develops as we move from damage assessment to recovery.

Load: Demand dropped throughout the day yesterday as power outages swept through New York. After 4:30 PM when the storm really began to batter the region, demand dropped by about 1 GW per hour, which is enough to serve 750,000 to 1,000,000 homes. By this morning the following number of customers were without power:



Customers Out @ 8:00 AM

Customers Out @ 10:00 AM

Change Since 8:00 AM

Con Ed




LI Power




National Grid
















Central Hudson










Electricity Usage

Transmission: The number of forced outages remains in the hundreds, with many significant pieces of equipment in zones J and K offline. Because the amount of load offline remains so high in those areas there have been limited adverse impacts but a significant amount of capacity is unavailable. All four of the DC cables that import power into these zones from the PJM and NEPOOL control areas are currently out of service. Those lines are the Neptune, 1385 and CSC into zone K, and the VFT cable into zone J.

Generation: The following units have been forced offline due to damage to the electrical grid:






500 MW


Astoria EE

1300 MW


Linden CoGen

1000 MW


Astoria 5

390 MW


Nine Mile 1

600 MW


Indian Point 3

1000 MW



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