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Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurialism at ‘The Big Idea’ Event at Colorado College

Last week, Genscape’s CEO, Matthew Burkley, participated as a judge in a Colorado College pitch competition called The Big Idea. As an alumnus of CC, Matthew was asked to join a panel of four other judges to evaluate 28 unique projects submitted by current CC students. Together, the panel reviewed the ideas based on financial stability, effect on quality of life, feasibility and presentation, but were also influenced by the potential impact of the project on the world.

Despite the diverse professional backgrounds of the judges, recognizing a great idea happens quickly and agreeably. The winning team, Brayn, put forth a solid plan that truly was a ‘Big Idea.’  To transform the lives of the approximately 68 million people who suffer from epilepsy, the Brayn team developed a pocket sized EEG (brain monitoring) platform that can have an immediate impact on diagnosing and managing the disease. The personalized system would allow patients to track, manage, and eventually predict their epileptic events using their smart phone. Not only is this big idea noble, it has a lot of business potential in the growing mobile health applications market. As the primary winner, the team received $38,000 of the $50,000 in available prize money to have their technology patented. The other prize winners were Artizan of the Andes, which received $10,000 to create a market for accessories and crafts made by rural Ecuadorians, and City Roots, which received $2,000 for an aquaponics system to grow and sell local fish and produce.

To Matthew, it was only natural for Genscape to be involved in this distinctive event that aligned so well with the company’s culture and guiding values. Foremost, Genscape is committed to cultivating a spirit of innovation at all levels, resulting in truly innovative products for customers.  At CC last week, creativity and ingenuity was at its finest, and the buzz around the event will surely result in even greater student participation next year. Genscape, and our parent company DMGI, believes that long-term success depends on new ideas from dedicated talent, which is why both companies have expanded investments in smaller start-ups that represent those ideals. Through The Big Idea event, Genscape was also able to help generate career development opportunities for young people preparing to start their lives in today’s economy.  Dedicated students, like those who participated in this year’s Big Idea, will provide the talent and innovative thinking that creates the healthy, vibrant communities and economies of tomorrow. This summer, Genscape is looking forward to supporting graduate and undergraduate students from across the country through our popular internship programs.

To learn more about The Big Idea, visit Colorado College’s website, To find out more about Genscape’s company culture and opportunities, please visit

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