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Crude Oil Production Aerial Image
Dylan White, Oil Market Analyst
October 30, 2018
In the past month, U.S. benchmark crude prices fell significantly, while domestic storage levels posted the largest series of builds so far this year. Lower prices and higher inventories represented trend reversals, highlighting the importance of constantly reassessing the state of affairs in the crude...
hurricane wave surge
Suzanne Danforth, Genscape Oil
October 12, 2018
Gasoline demand increased in the Florida Panhandle, southern Georgia, and South Carolina ahead of Hurricane Michael’s arrival to the areas, but repercussions to demand appeared to focus on rack cities in the direct path of the storm, according to our Supply Side daily rack volume data. The increased...
Florence Cat 2
Dylan White and Suzanne Danforth, Genscape Oil
September 13, 2018
Gasoline demand reached historic highs September 11 amid the imminent approach of Hurricane Florence to the North and South Carolina coasts and associated evacuation orders. Gasoline demand jumped to over 700,000 barrels per day (bpd) in North Carolina and South Carolina, according to Genscape Supply Side...
oil rig used for drilling oil in gulf of mexico
Lee Williams and Rob Bickhart, Crude Oil Analysts
September 04, 2018
Tropical Storm Gordon is expected to make landfall on September 4 over the lower Mississippi Valley. Meteorologists expect the storm to become a category one hurricane, bringing heavy rainfall, high winds and potentially three to five feet of storm surge to the region. A little more than a year after...
David Arno, Senior Analyst, Genscape Oil
August 29, 2018
Western Canadian crude-by-rail is set to continue reaching record highs in the near future as regional crude production continues to increase and extra pipeline takeaway capacity remains years away. Genscape added two new rail terminals in Western Canada to capture more of those crude liftings in the...
Suzanne Danforth, Callie Minor and Colin Halling, Genscape Oil
August 23, 2018
U.S. distillate inventories fell to historic lows in August despite record-high crude runs and normal distillate production. A combination of record-level U.S. distillate exports in June, coupled with continued year-on-year growth in U.S. Gulf Coast (PADD 3) diesel demand, depleted supplies in the Gulf Coast...
oil refinery
Rob Bickhart, Crude Oil Analyst
August 23, 2018
U.S. Refinery Fall 2018 Turnaround Season This summer, United States refineries operated just shy of record highs, running close to 100 percent utilization rates. Refineries reached a new record-high gross input value of 18.243mn bpd for week ending August 10. The record-high run rate pushed utilization...
Suzanne Danforth and Jodi Quinnell, Genscape Oil
August 09, 2018
Diesel demand in the U.S. Gulf Coast (PADD 3) has shown remarkable year-on-year growth in 2017 and 2018, according to Genscape Supply Side data, linked to the resurgence in Permian Basin crude oil production. However, this year-on-year diesel demand growth slowed in May and June as rig counts flattened. For...
Amir Bornaee, EMEA Oil Market Analyst, and Genscape Maritime
July 13, 2018
Genscape Vesseltracker recently brought online 19 AIS antennas across the globe, including key port locations in the Middle East and Africa. The expanded network covers cities such as Djibouti, Istanbul, and Al Ahmadi. The AIS antenna data provides near-real time visibility into vessel movements, allowing...
Libya Oil Production
July 10, 2018
Following Ibrahim Jadran’s (former Central Region Commander of the Petroleum Facilities Guard) June 14, 2018 attack on the Ras Lanuf (damaged) and Es Sider terminals in Libya’s Oil Crescent, several outlets released reports on the amount of oil production forced offline. Some estimates reached...