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Alberta Mandates Production Cuts for 2019 - Find Clarity in the Fundamentals

December 06, 2018 Mike Walls, Dylan White, David Arno

Mountaineer Xpress (MXP) & Gulf Xpress (GXP) Infrastructure Projects FAQ

Additional Mexico Pipe Delays to Prolong Bottlenecks for Permian

December 03, 2018 Rick Margolin

Is U.S. Gasoline Demand Really Decreasing Amid 17-Month Price Lows?

December 03, 2018 Suzanne Danforth, Hillary Stevenson

Low Rhine Water Levels Impact Coal Delivery in Germany

November 27, 2018 Victor Laurent

Things that Go Bump in the Night: The North Sea Disruption Uncovered

Winter Weather Expectations: Above Average Winter Electricity Demand?

November 26, 2018 Jefferson Rhoads

Houston as a Global Crude Oil Benchmark: Two Futures Contracts Emerge to Foster WTI Price Discovery