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Falling into Refinery Turnaround Season & Maintenance Outlook

August 23, 2018 Rob Bickhart

European Emission Allowances Reach 8 Year-High Above EUR18/t

August 22, 2018 Victor Laurent

Flexible Marketing: Incorporating Rate-Structure Choice as Part of a Larger Retail Energy Strategy

August 22, 2018 Trevor Safko

Will China Tariffs Cause Material Impacts to U.S. LNG Exports?

August 20, 2018 Charlie Cone

Staying Flexible: How Load Profiling Can Unlock Complex Rate Structures for Retail Supply

August 16, 2018 Trevor Safko

A Year in Review of Behind the Meter Solar: Unmasking the Secret Solar in California

Permian Basin Drilling Results in Continued Growth of PADD 3 Diesel Demand

August 09, 2018 Suzanne Danforth, Jodi Quinnell

Genscape's Congestion Forecasting Software Passes Benchmarking During ERCOT Summer Volatility

August 07, 2018 Matthew Boyda