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Weekly Emissions Report

Emissions traders used to have to wait a couple of months to find out the amount of pollutants covered by the cap-and-trade programs of the US Environmental Protection Agency and generated by the nation's power industry. The Genscape Weekly Emissions Report tracks SO2 and NOx emitted by the nation's major utilities to bring more transparency to the fundamentals of this important market.

Information included in the report:

  • A year-to-date balance of emissions versus allowances held for SO2 and NOx
  • Emissions held by parent company - a weekly total that takes into account sales as well as emissions at plant monitored by Genscape
  • A weekly ranking of the top 25 companies by volume transactions, excluding all company-internal and inter-affiliate transfers
  • Year-to-date trades by vintage for SO2 and NOx

The Genscape emissions estimates are based on direct observations of generation and have proven highly accurate.  The combination of these solidly founded estimates with processed and filtered transaction data offers unique insights into the emissions market balance.

The Genscape emissions report relies on historical hourly emissions and operational data from the Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) program of the EPA. The calculated emission amounts take seasonal patterns and load factors into account to arrive at an accurate estimate of current emission levels.