Electricity Price Forecasting & Market Arrangements

Electricity Price Forecasting & Market Arrangements


Genscape is pleased to sponsor, exhibit and speak at this year's 7th Electricity Price Forecasting & Market Arrangements 2019, on 23-25 January in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We look forward to sharing with you our presentation: “Re-emergence of Carbon Pricing and its Effect on Fuel Prices, Generation Mix and Power Prices”

Genscape Speaker: 

Salman Khan | Senior Power Market Analyst |

An expert in energy and power market modelling, I am the Senior Power Market Analyst for European Power. I lead all research efforts for verifying, validating, and analyzing big data from European power systems for our long-term forecasting tools. I specialize in power systems analysis and electricity market operations in the European and North American power market. I am also responsible for analyzing the long/medium term evolution of power systems and electricity markets across Europe and keeping track of energy transition processes. I've worked in various engineering roles for over a decade and have an extensive background in competitive, liberalized, and unbundled electricity.

I hold two MS degrees in Information and Communication Technologies and Electronics Engineering and a BS in Telecommunication Engineering. 

Genscape Attendees: 

Uta Staude | Managing Director, European Power |

Chris Panton | Sales Director, European Power |

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Rusland 17
1012CK Amsterdam