Agriculture & Biofuels

Access Never-Before-Seen National Outlooks Based on Observations from Key Processing Facilities


Through innovative technology, market expertise, and historical observation, Genscape offers transparency into the Agriculture and Biofuels supply chain. Using infrared cameras, aerial diagnostics, and ship tracking, we capture live intel to help you make informed market decisions.

We cover the agricultural spectrum, from fertilizer and soybeans to corn and biofuels. 

Corn Field

We've got answers for a host of ethanol market data needs. We monitor ethanol production, inventory, and exports at major storage terminals and export hubs, equating to 9 billion gallons of production capacity in the U.S. annually. 

Soybean Field

When accuracy counts, we crush it. Our soybean crush and production forecasts are spot on. We monitor facilities providing outage information and processing statistics to forecast crush rates with unprecedented accuracy. Our clients get daily facility status updates, and  begin receiving data a month in advance of NOPA as well as an official estimate two weeks ahead of official NOPA release. 

Fertilizer Plant

We are the ultimate source for the most frequent fertilizer production and transportation information. Using our portfolio of monitoring technologies, we keep an eye on plant activity and product shipments to assess ammonia production trends and capacity use levels. 

biodiesel storage tanks
Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel

We provide unparalleled insight into U.S. biodiesel production and imports. Using our unique monitoring and algorithms, we report on over 750 million gallons of biodiesel production front-running the EIA and EPA reports. We also track biodiesel and renewable diesel imports into the U.S. and Europe in real-time. With a pulse on every vessel movement, we capture the critical information to estimate how much is coming and where it's going.

Agriculture & Biofuels Products


The agricultural suite of products gives you a competitive edge in this market. In every area, we give advance notice, well ahead of publicly released sources. The detail our data provides equips you to anticipate price movements  from domestic supply, demand, and import swings so you can make more informed trading decisions. 

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If you're reliant on agricultural production for your business, our forecasting services provide in-season reporting to help you assess availability, manage supply chain risk, and identify operational characteristics of individual plants.  

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Our production and transportation reports coupled with our online tracking tool, provides a view of real-time maritime congestion to anticipate future deliveries into supply chains. You can quickly analyze real movements on a ship and port level to get a more reliable understanding of biodiesel, renewable diesel and fertilizer imports and exports.

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