Measure Company Performance with Direct Observations from Our Sensor Network, Supplemented with Expert Analysis


Whether you're weighing a new equity or debt position or monitoring an existing holding, we offer intel into company-level, supply-side fundamentals. With an accurate, bottoms-up analysis of price drivers, you can make more confident, informed trading decisions when timing matters. We've combined 20 years of experience with strategically placed, patented sensor networks to source significant production and throughput data across multiple sectors. We've harnessed these capabilities for you to gauge actual return on investments. 

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Equity Production Insight

With our insight, you don't have to wait for quarterly earnings calls to know if a company diverged from production guidance. Our patented analytics provides estimates for 30+ E&P companies and shows a strong correlation of the actual reported volumes versus our raw estimates. Our data delivers advance notice of changes in production before quarterly announcements to inform your portfolio management strategy. We also track 20+ midstream companies and their respective regions to give you estimates of daily throughputs for crude, refined products, NGLs and natural gas. Get clarity into an individual company’s daily volume trends on a weekly basis to understand the impact on quarterly earnings and production levels.

Custom Requests

Are you invested in a specific company and searching for insight on their operations? We will work with you to identify relevant fundamental data that drives the company's valuation and that we can monitor through our arsenal of patented technologies. Our team of scientists, researchers, and industry experts are standing by to help you find a unique piece of intel to drive alpha. 

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We have the real-time answers on how effectively TESLA is executing on its ambitious goals. In Elon Musk’s own words “the competitive strength of TESLA long term is not the car, it is the factory.” With eyes on their Gigafactory and Fremont manufacturing facility, we watch every facet of the TESLA supply chain and provide an up-to-date count of Gigafactory power consumption, battery deliveries, and finished vehicle counts leaving the Fremont plant, including Model 3, Model S, and Model X.


With our equity insights, you can get transparency into company's net production numbers to inform your risk/reward calculations and investment decisions. We also help simplify your data flow during busy trading seasons and provide succinct, unbiased guidance to arm you with the key takeaways from quarterly earnings calls. 

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We offer comprehensive, raw, alternative data, looking back on over a decade of critical insights, to help you find the significant indicators for your trading strategy. Our extensive database of a company's production and earnings can help you to identify trends and opportunities in the financial market. 

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Industry Experts

Our experts work directly with clients to address their business challenges across a wide range of areas.

Ben Chu

Ben Chu

Director of Equities, LNG & Proprietary


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